Why do Triumph triples whine?

Why do Triumph triples whine?

First of all it is a British Thing, so to speak, they have literally outdone the Japanese by being able to design a secret cylinder. This fourth cylinder, in a triple, has a piston that rotates at a different speed and frequency of the other three thus making the distinctive whine.

Why do triumphs whistle?

It’s just the “wheez” of the intake. Triumph has the inlet bottle necked to (almost) death. Look under your headlights and you can see the (almost non existant) tiny intake hole that it has to suck air from. Opening that up would greatly help the upper end of the power band, but at the cost of low/mid range grunt.

Why do daytonas whistle?

That whine is a hallmark of the 675 triple engine. It indeed is a combination of the straight-cut gears and induction. At high rpm’s, it becomes a distinct howl (more induction sound at this point). You most likely will learn to love the sounds this motor makes, everyone else does.

When did speed triple get abs?

Triumph themselves admit the Speed Triple is probably their most important modern model. The original launched in 1994 and marked the reborn British brand finding its mojo….Triumph Speed Triple 1050 (2005-2015) spec.

Original price £7,650
Rider aids ABS only (from 2011)
Frame Aluminium tubular perimeter

Why is it called a Speed Triple?

The initial model was first released to the public in 1994, and was called the Speed Triple as an acknowledgement to the 1938 Speed Twin. It was based on the Triumph Triple series of modular engines, which also powered the Triumph Trident, Daytona sport bike, and the Thunderbird retro bike.

What kind of noise does a Triumph engine make?

This issue has been brought up multiple times by various Triumph owners, mostly regarding the Triumph Street Triple family members. Most complaints about the engine describe it as a whirring, whistling, or whining sound, typically high-pitched sound.

Why does my Triumph Speed Triple have a cam chain slap?

4. Cam Chain Tensioner Issue The Triumph Speed Triple uses a hydraulic cam chain tensioner. Cam chain tensioner “slap” is generally observed after the bike hits about 7,000 miles. After the bike has clocked some miles, the cam chain tension will give out a strange sound, usually called a “cam chain slap.”

Why is my triumph Street Triple so noisy?

There are actually two contributing factors to the noisy Triple: The cam chain whine is normal on a Triumph Street Triple and many other sportbikes. It’s more noticeable at low-revs; you won’t hear it much at highway speeds. As we mentioned earlier, many sport bikers wear earplugs to block out engine and wind noise.

Are there any problems with the Triumph Speed Triple?

We’ve found a list of problems with the Triumph Speed Triple. Some of these are big problems, while others are nothing more than pet peeves and minor nuisances to riders. Still, if you’re in the market for a Speed Triple, it’s good to have all the insight you can get.