Why do people smoke rubber sheets?

Why do people smoke rubber sheets?

Smoking enables the sheets to absorb creosotic and other antiseptic substances which provide a preservative effect and anti-oxidant effect on to the rubber.

How is smoked rubber produced?

Generally, two types of rubber sheet such as Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS) and Air Dried Sheet (ADS) are produced in the world. It is produced by applying some steps named latex collection by tapping process, preservation, coagulation, sheet formation and smoke drying.

What is the price of rubber today?

Price History (Spot)

Symbol Price(₹) Units
RUBBER 17300.00 KGS
RUBBER 17270.00 KGS
RUBBER 17250.00 KGS
RUBBER 17128.00 KGS

How much does rubber cost per kg?

The price of Natural Rubber products is between ₹90 – ₹140 per Kg during Mar ’21 – Feb ’22. These are indicative values based on popular product prices.

How can I invest in rubber?

A single trader can buy the shares of companies that work in the rubber industry or trade rubber commodities on the futures market.

  1. Trading Futures. This is one direct way in which local investors can gain exposure to rubber products.
  2. Regional Exchange.
  3. Buying Into Stocks.
  4. ETF Exposure.

What is TSR rubber?

Technically Specified Rubber, also known as TSR, is block rubber made by crashing, cleaning and drying solid rubber. Two types of natural rubber are traded in our market; Ribbed Smoked Sheet graded RSS3 and Technically Specified Rubber graded TSR20.

What is the market price of rubber today?

What is the difference between ribbed smoke sheets and crepe rubber sheets?

Crepe rubber sheets are white colour. But ribbed smoke sheets are yellow colour due to presence of proteinaceous substance. In crepe rubber sheets, those proteinaceous substances are removed by washing.

What are the different grades of smoked sheets?

Ribbed smoked sheets are used in various industries due to their variety in the requirements on cleanliness and tear strength of the sheets. There are five major grades: RSS 1 to RSS 5.

How are the sheets selected and smoked?

The sheets are selected and smoked at a controlled timing and temperature window to ensure that they are properly smoked without causing negative impact on the rubber properties. RSS grades still depend heavily on visual inspection, thus, there is a high probability of inconsistency in grading.

What are the different types of sheet rubbers?

Natural rubber latex is traditionally converted into sheet form through careful coagulation and subsequent milling process on two roll mills. There are many types of sheets rubbers namely Ribbed smoked sheet rubber, Air dried sheet tuber and sun dried sheet rubber depending on the drying methodology used.