Why did the Gold King Mine spill happen?

Why did the Gold King Mine spill happen?

The Gold King disaster was caused by a contract EPA crew that was checking out the mine for future cleanup work. As they used heavy machinery to peel back a layer of rock and dirt covering the opening — or adit — orange-colored water began spilling out. And then it began gushing out.

What did the Gold King Mine mine?

Around 10:30 am on August 5, 2015, an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) crew ruptured a plug of rock and soil at the Gold King Mine north of Silverton, releasing an estimated 3 million gallons of contaminated wastewater.

Who paid for the cleanup of the Gold King Mine?

The EPA, the departments of the Interior and Agriculture will, for their part, make a payment of $45 million toward the cleanup under the deal. Colorado-based Sunnyside, Toronto-based Kinross and the federal entities do not admit to any liability in the proposed consent decree which is subject to court approval.

What is the status of the Gold King Mine?

The bright orange plume from the original spill is gone, but legal fights and restoration projects continue. And heavy metals from the three million gallons of mining wastewater remain in waterways used by communities, farmers and ranchers.

Who discovered the Gold King Mine in Colorado?

(History Colorado/82.197.44) Treasure at the site of the Gold King Mine was discovered in 1887 by Olaf Nelson, the “ Mighty Swede ,” who staked the claim – and then died before developing the site.

What is the history of Silverton Colorado?

The turning point for Silverton was the arrival of the Denver & Rio Grande railroad in July of 1882. This vital rail link connected Silverton to Durango and the outside world, and would greatly stimulate the local mining industry and the town.

What happened to the last major mining operation in Silverton?

The last major mining operation in Silverton, the Sunnyside Mine, closed in 1991. Like other dormant digs, water from beneath the site flowed through the unearthed heavy metals and out into nearby streams.

Who owns Gold King Mine?

Gold King Mine was originally discovered and owned by Olaf Nelson the “Mighty Swede” in 1887. Nelson died before he could develop the mine leaving his widow to sell the mine in 1894.