Why did Jannah leave The Block NZ?

Why did Jannah leave The Block NZ?

Janah reveals why she quit There was no fight or disagreement between Rachel and I – it was because of my flourishing construction and interior-design business booming after Covid. “Also, I was surprised at how much I missed my little ones last year – and that was only for two weeks!

When was The Block NZ Season 9 filmed?

Production. In December 2019, a casting call was sent out looking for four new teams. Production for this season began in January 2020 on Huia Road in Point Chevalier with four two-storey townhouses being constructed.

Who won The Block NZ 2021 NZ?

Tim Cotton
Tim Cotton and Arthur Gillies – AKA Team Blue – have won The Block NZ 2021 and pocketed a staggering $760,000 in winnings as their property sold for a record-smashing sum.

Are Tanya and Vito still together?

Tanya and Vito have been together for two decades. Despite all the controversy, the couple have stayed strong, where they previously told 9Entertainment that their relationship is all about “opposites attract, opposites attack”.

Who left the block 2021?

The final auction order was Ronnie and Georgia, Mitch and Mark, Josh and Luke, Tanya and Vito, and Kirsty and Jesse. Sadly, Ronnie and Georgia came last in the end after their home sold for $3,696,000. They earned a $296,000 profit.

Who won The Block 2021 in order?

Mitch and Mark
Defying their critics – not least judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer – Mitch and Mark have won The Block 2021, selling their house for more than $644,444 above its reserve, as Tanya finally came clean on cheating.

Who won The Block 2020 NZ?

Arthur “Arty” Gillies
Tara Ward speaks to The Block NZ 2020 winners about being underdogs, keeping secrets, and their astonishing win. Tim Cotton and Arthur “Arty” Gillies are sitting in a newly renovated townhouse in the Auckland suburb of Point Chevalier.

How does the Block NZ work?

y room, week by week, challenge by challenge – and sell them at auction for the highest price. The teams can be couples, family members, or friends, and do not need any DIY experience. Once selected, the contestants live and breathe their DIY project for the nine week shoot, living on site in The Block NZ houses.

How is the winner of the Block NZ decided?

There are no further eliminations, and the winning couple is decided by the toughest judge of all, the real estate market! All four renovated houses go to a live TV auction, with The Block NZ crown going to the couple whose house fetches the highest price on the night!.

What happens at the auction on the Block NZ?

All four renovated houses go to a live TV auction, with The Block NZ crown going to the couple whose house fetches the highest price on the night!. All the couples receive profits from the sale of their house at the televised auction, and the winners will take home an additional cash prize of $80,000.

What is bathroom week on the Block NZ?

It’s Frantic Friday on the Block NZ and it’s allhands on deck inbathroom week as our teams race to get theirrooms into tip-top shapefor room reveal. It’s a new week and the teams head to the challenge warehouse to find out what room they’ll be working on.