Why did Henry call himself a seer?

Why did Henry call himself a seer?

He thought it would prove, in a manner, that he had fled early because of his superior powers of perception. A serious prophet upon predicting a flood should be the first man to climb a tree. This would demonstrate that he was indeed a seer.

What made Henry suddenly a modest person?

What made Henry “suddenly a modest person”? “He had slept and, awakening, had found himself a knight.” Explain. What information did Henry and Wilson bring back to the regiment after they had gone to look for water? “The youth stared at the land in front of him.

What made Henry quiet down of all loud moods that would make him seem prominent?

The youth, nevertheless, felt a threat. His mind shrank from going near to the danger, and thereafter he was silent. The significance of the sarcastic man’s words took from him all loud moods that would make him appear prominent.

What is the ironical secret Henry and Wilson keep from their regiment?

“Mule drivers — hell t’ pay — don’t believe many will get back.” It was an ironical secret. Still, they saw no hesitation in each other’s faces, and they nodded a mute and unprotesting assent when a shaggy man near them said in a meek voice: “We’ll git swallowed.”

What was the first reaction of Henry’s mother when he told he was going to enlist in the army?

19. How did Henry’s mother feel about his enlistment? She disapproved but gave Henry advice about how to behave.

What impact did the encounter with the dead soldier in the woods have on Henry’s understanding of himself and the nature of the universe?

The sight of the dead soldier undoes the comfortable moral assumption that the squirrel’s flight from danger affords Henry, and shows him that his logic has been too simple: there may be no compass of right and wrong to which he might cling in this situation, no overriding moral truth fundamental to the nature of the …

Why does Henry say so at the end of the chapter?

Why does Henry say “so” at the end of the chapter? He starts to be defensive and starts to harden about death. What change does Henry notice in Wilson? Wilson had lost his youthful loudness and gained the self-confidence of a man.

What change did Henry notice in Wilson?

As Wilson tends to Henry, Henry notices a change in his friend: he is no longer the loud soldier, that sensitive and prickly youth obsessed with his own sense of valor. Instead, he seems to have acquired a quiet, but remarkable, confidence.

Why does Henry’s attitude change?

Frederic Henry had major changes throughout the novel. His attitude towards the war, Catherine, and friends had all changed significantly. One could argue that he didn’t pay much mind towards the war he involved himself in at first, but once he did, he became less enthusiastic about it as he became more aware.

How does Henry change during the course of the story?

The Red Badge of Courage documents Henry’s growth and maturity as a soldier through the changes in his personality and behavior. During this transition, Henry’s emotions run the gamut from glory to fear to depression to anger to exhilaration to courage to honor.

Why does Henry hesitate to return to his regiment after he flees battle minimum 3 sentences?

Why does Henry hesitate to return to his regiment after he flees battle? Minimum 3 sentences. Henry fears that he will be harassed for being a deserter. He fears that his name will be associated with cowardess.

How does Henry’s mother’s reaction to his desire to enlist affect a reader’s understanding of this novel’s setting?

How does Henry’s mother’s reaction to his desire to enlist affect a reader’s understanding of this novel’s setting? Her reaction helps convey the huge importance of farmwork and the sacrifices made by those whose sons left home to join the war.

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