Why did Andy Jordan leave Made In Chelsea?

Why did Andy Jordan leave Made In Chelsea?

Following his exit, Jordan told The Sun: “In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t done it the way I have. I wish I had never gone on at all.” Ouch. At the time he said that he wanted to concentrate on his lifestyle brand Jam Industries, and he also later revealed that he wanted to focus on building a successful career in music.

Where is Andy Jordan now?

What is Andy Jordan’s job? Andy owns and is creative director of a surf-inspired clothing line called Jam Industries, which used to have a shop on the King’s Road but is now located in Padstow, Salcombe, St Ives, and Dartmouth.

Did Louise Thompson sleep with Niall Horan?

She said: “I slept with him. It was just fun. I did it because you broke up with me.” And Louise – who has been at the centre of a love triangle since it first emerged she stayed at Niall’s place – blasted Andy for thinking she would be waiting for him to take her back.

Where is Andy from Made In Chelsea?

Andy has run his successful business based in Salcombe, Devon, since leaving E4 reality show Made In Chelsea in the summer of 2015.

What happened to Stevie from Made in Chelsea?

Stevie is 31 years old and lives in London. The former Made in Chelsea star holds a BA degree in Management with Marketing from the University of Leeds. He joined the fourth series as Andy Jordan and Sam Cussins’ friend.

Who did Louise cheat on Andy with?

Stay true to being graceful and your lovely self x”. Others pointed out that Louise actually cheated on her ex-boyfriend, New Yorker Alik Alfus, with one commenting, “Karma always gets back to people. Didn’t you cheat?”

How old is Andy Jordan?

About 32 years (1990)Andy Jordan / Age

How is Olivia Bentley rich?

Liv Bentley – £600k However she has confirmed she is the great-great-granddaughter of the founder. Bentley Motors was eventually sold for £430 million and she will have lived off a share of that cash. Not too shabby. To make her own money, Liv is a photographer, specially in nude art.

Where is Andy Jordan from made in Chelsea from?

Andy Jordan (TV personality) Andrew Mark Jordan is an English actor and singer-songwriter. Born in London, Andy became more known after joining E4’s BAFTA award-winning television programme, Made in Chelsea in its fourth series.

Who did Andy Jordan date on made in Chelsea?

Andy Jordan appeared on Made In Chelsea from 2012 to 2015, and during that time managed to become one of the show’s resident lotharios. The handsome star dated both Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson, and charmed us all with his cheeky grin and musical talent….who could forget THAT song he wrote for Louise.

Who is Andy Jordan and how old is he?

Born in 1990, Jordan was educated at St Edward’s School, Oxford, and proceeded to study Geography at The University of Leeds. Andy learned to surf at the age of 15, after going on holidays to Cornwall with his best friend. Jordan first joined the cast of the TV show Made in Chelsea in 2012.

How many episodes of made in Chelsea did Jordan north appear in?

Made in Chelsea. Jordan first joined the cast of the TV show Made in Chelsea in 2012. He went on to appear in 66 episodes before leaving the show three years later. [circular reference]