Why choose the Parador de Baiona?

Why choose the Parador de Baiona?

The Parador de Baiona offers perfect function rooms for your celebrations, with space for up to 400 people. An intimate ambiance, exquisite décor, well-kept gardens and an idyllic landscape make this a truly unique spot.

What makes the Parador so special?

Elegance is a key feature of every room of the Parador. The stately function rooms, spacious guest rooms with sea views and spectacular stone staircase that welcomes you at the entrance are just a few examples of the majesty of this medieval fortress.

What is the Parador® Fort?

The fort was built to protect (not always successfully) the port of Baiona from enemies and pirates. Nestling below the Parador ® is the marina full of yachts from all over the world.

What to eat at the Parador Baiona?

The Parador® Baiona has a seasonal swimming pool, tennis court, garden, gymnasium, Jacuzzi, sauna and children’s playground. As is usual at the Parador ®, the high quality restaurant specialises in local recipes. You might like to try the following: “Lubina con navajas” which is sea bass with razor shells in a parsnip top sauce;

What is it like to stay at the Parador in Barcelona?

Wanted to stay at this Parador for a long time and finally my dream came true this October. Although we did not stay in a room with sea view, our room was large and comfortable overlooking a pateo with a fountain. The Parador is wonderful. The food in the restaurant was great and so was the service.

What can you do at the Parador?

The fortress offers up its walls for a stroll, or to relax and enjoy a beverage by the sea, and magical sunsets where the Cíes Islands in the distance beckon, inviting you to visit their cliffs, beaches and dunes, exploring their underwater depths and virgin trails. Elegance is a key feature of every room of the Parador.