Why build a barracuda?

Why build a barracuda?

Updated and optimized from tip to tail, Barracuda is faster, more agile and easier to build than its predecessors. Barracuda represents years of continual research, testing and invaluable input from Lancair builders and flyers around the globe.

Is the Barracuda the Best-Engineered aircraft in the world?

You can rest assured that your Barracuda is one of the best-engineered aircraft in the skies. Our pre-flight inspection, flight test and flight training programs are the premier programs in the entire industry. They will instill confidence and ensure safety with your finished Lancair.

What kind of gear does a barracuda have?

Featuring the innovative auto-retracting nose gear pioneered on the Lancair Mako, Barracuda offers most of the speed and responsiveness of a full-retractable gear aircraft with the simplicity and cost savings of a fixed-gear model.

Why buy a Lancair Barracuda?

Establishing a new standard for value, Barracuda offers high performance, operational economy and Lancair’s trademark aerodynamic style in a cost-effective package for two. Introduced at EAA AirVenture 2018, Barracuda is the latest design from Lancair’s legendary innovators.