Who won the Battle of Brest?

Who won the Battle of Brest?

Allied victory

Battle for Brest
A US M18 Hellcat of the 705th Tank Destroyer Battalion in the streets of Brest in September 1944
Date 7 August – 19 September 1944 Location Brest, Brittany, France 48°23′27″N 4°29′08″E Result Allied victory
United States United Kingdom Germany

What happened Battle of Brest?

General Ramcke, having symbolically fired the last shell from an artillery piece, surrendered on September 19. At the cost of almost 10,000 casualties, the Americans had killed or captured the entire German garrison. But Brest, along with its harbor facilities, was utterly destroyed.

Did the Germans invade Brittany?

After breaking out of the Normandy beach head in June 1944, Brittany was targeted because of its naval bases at Lorient, St. Nazaire and Brest. U-boats and surface raiders had used these bases, despite a bombing campaign by the RAF, and the Germans had launched ‘Operation Cerberus’ from Brest in 1942.

Who bombed Brest?

As the East Fort could not be taken by infantry, the Luftwaffe bombed it twice on June 29 and forced its approximately 360 defenders to surrender.

Who won the battle of Brittany?

Battle for Brittany

Date August -September 1944
Location North Western France
Result Allied victory

What was the Battle of Brest WW2?

Infanterie-Division The Battle for Brest was fought in August and September 1944 on the Western Front during World War II. Part of the Allied plan for the invasion of mainland Europe called for the capture of port facilities, in order to ensure the timely delivery of the enormous amount of war materiel required to supply the invading Allied forces.

When was Brest reached by American troops?

Brest was reached by American troops on 7 August 1944. Brest was surrounded and eventually stormed by the U.S. VIII Corps.

What was the American assault on Fortress Brest?

The American assault on Fortress Brest, led by the 2nd, 8th, and 29th Divisions under General Troy Middleton, marked one of World War II’s most ferociously contested battles. Operation COBRA, the American breakout from Normandy at the end of July 1944, completely changed the dynamics of the fighting in western Europe.

What happened to the old city of Brest after WW2?

Eventually the old city of Brest was razed to the ground during the battle, with only some medieval stone-built fortifications left standing. General Ramcke surrendered the city on 19 September 1944 to the Americans after rendering the port facilities useless. These would not be repaired in time to help the war effort as it was hoped.