Who were the best blues harmonica players?

Who were the best blues harmonica players?

Top 10 Blues Harmonica Players

  • Big Walter Horton.
  • Charlie Musselwhite.
  • James Cotton.
  • Sonny Boy Williamson II.
  • Paul Butterfield.
  • Junior Wells.
  • Sonny Boy Williamson.
  • Little Walter. Marian “Little” Walter Jacobs, born in Marksville, Louisiana in 1930, is the undisputed king of the blues harmonica.

Who was the best harmonica player ever?

The 11 Best Harmonica Players Ever

  • Little Walter, Essential link.
  • Stevie Wonder, Essential link.
  • John Popper, Essential link.
  • Alan Wilson, Essential link.
  • Indiara Sfair, Essential link.
  • Big Mama Thornton, Essential link.
  • Paul Butterfield, Essential link.
  • Sonny Boy Williamson, Essential link.

Who is famous for playing the harmonica?

James Cotton is known as one of the world’s most dynamic and famous blues harmonica players of his time. Trivia Facts: James Cotton was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2006. During his career, he has won or shared ten Blues Music Awards. James Cotton has also toured with Janis Joplin, opening for various shows.

Who is the harmonica player in milk and blues?

Indiara Sfair
Originating from Curitiba, Brazil native Indiara Sfair quickly won the hearts of music fans all over the world with her unique, sensitive harmonica sound. Part of Brazilian blues band “Milk’n’Blues”, she is both player and accomplished composer.

What is the best key to play blues on harmonica?

C harp
You would use a C harp to play in C. If you want more “expression” for playing Blues, Rock, Country and Pop music, you will probably be playing in 2nd Position. This means you would start from the draw, accenting draw notes and draw chords, and bending. You would use a C harp to play in G.

Who are the best blues harmonica players?

– It has 20 brass reeds with a pearwood comb. – Undivided air channels allow blues players to bend the reeds, creating the signature soulful wailing quality that is synonymous with blues harps. – Add to that the rich, fat sound and depth of character that is unique to the Marine Band.

What is the best harmonica for blues music?

– The Suzuki Bluesmaster is made with an ABS plastic comb for more accurate tuning, and a longer lifespan. – It features stainless steel cover plates for easy reed replacement when the time comes to put in new ones. – It is available for purchase in 12 keys.

Who is the best harmonica player ever?

– Comes with a small case – Bright, rich sound – Stainless steel coat – 20 tunes available – Phosphor bronze reeds

What key harmonica is most popular for Blues?

– All the mini harmonicas (keychain, Puck, Double Puck) – All of Hohner’s Echo, Octave, Auto Valve, and the Tremolo Tuned harps – Hohner Trumpet Call – Hohner Weekender