Who was the leader of the Tainos?

Who was the leader of the Tainos?

Monument to Hatuey in Baracoa, Cuba. Little is known about Hatuey, a Taíno cacique [leader] and the first prominent freedom fighter of the Americas, not his date of birth, nor exactly when he first led his force into battle.

What is a Taíno cacique?

A cacique (Latin American Spanish: [kaˈsike]; Portuguese: [kɐˈsikɨ, kaˈsiki]; feminine form: cacica) was a tribal chieftain of the Taíno people, the indigenous inhabitants at European contact of the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles, and the northern Lesser Antilles.

What is the name of the Tainos God?

A zemi or cemi was a deity or ancestral spirit, and a sculptural object housing the spirit, among the Taíno people of the Caribbean.

What is the name of the cacique House?

The cacique and his family lived in a rectangular house called bohio. People slept on cotton hammocks (hamacas).

What is Cacique Guaro?

Costa Rica’s National Liquor Cacique Guaro is a clear alcohol that is distilled from sugar cane juices, giving the Guaro a distinctly sweeter taste than similar clear liquors. In fact, the name “Guaro” means sugarcane liquor. For Costa Ricans, Guaro can be personal.

What is the Cacique Jumacao of Humacao?

In 1975 the city of Humacao honored the Cacique Jumacao by including a crown within its Municipal Coat of Arms, which represents the royalty of the Cacique. The City of Humacao also presents the “Cacique Jumacao Award” to the best industries in regard to its recycling programs.

What does cacique mean in Costa Rica?

Between 1977 and 1980, an excavation near the National Liquor Factory has discovered the remains of one of the largest indigenous settlements in Costa Rica. In honor of this great archaeological discovery, the National Liquor Factory rebranded their Guaro to Cacique. The word “Cacique” means “leader of the tribe”.

Why is Cacique Guaro called Cuatro Plumas?

The face of a native American chief is then placed on the label as the brand’s logo, which also gave Cacique Guaro its nickname, which is “Cuatro Plumas”, or “four feathers”, referring to the feather headdress of the native American logo. Traditionally, Guaro is taken as a straight shot.