Who was on the Freedom Riders bus?

Who was on the Freedom Riders bus?

Led by CORE Director James Farmer, 13 young riders (seven black, six white, including but not limited to John Lewis (21), Genevieve Hughes (28), Mae Frances Moultrie, Joseph Perkins, Charles Person (18), Ivor Moore, William E. Harbour (19), Joan Trumpauer Mullholland (19), and Ed Blankenheim).

How old is Jim Zwerg?

82 years (November 28, 1939)James Zwerg / Age

What happened to John Lewis in Rock Hill SC?

John Lewis and Two Others Attacked at South Carolina Greyhound Bus Terminal. On May 9, 1961, 21-year-old John Lewis, a young Black civil rights activist, was severely beaten by a mob at the Rock Hill, South Carolina, Greyhound bus terminal.

Who attacked the Freedom Riders bus?

Led by Ku Klux Klan leader William Chapel, a mob of 50 men armed with pipes, chains, and bats, smashed windows, slashed tires, and dented the sides of the Riders’ bus.

Who was involved in the Freedom Rides Australia?

Uncle Charlie Perkins
The 1965 Freedom Ride – led by Uncle Charlie Perkins and his fellow students at the University of Sydney – was a significant event that drew national and international attention to poor living conditions faced by Aboriginal people and the racism that was rife in New South Wales country towns.

What did James Zwerg?

James Zwerg (born November 28, 1939) is an American retired minister who was involved with the Freedom Riders in the early 1960s….

James Zwerg
Born November 28, 1939 Appleton, Wisconsin, U.S.
Occupation Minister
Known for Civil rights activist, Freedom Rider

Where was Jim Zwerg attacked?

Montgomery, Alabama
Description. Made by an unknown press photographer, this photograph shows civil rights protesters John Lewis and John Zwerg in Montgomery, Alabama, after having been attacked for their participation in a Freedom Ride on May 20, 1961. Zwerg, at right, removes teeth knocked out by his attackers.

What happened to the Freedom Riders in Rock Hill?

At the Greyhound station in Rock Hill, white youths assaulted three of the Freedom Riders as one African American rider approached the “white” waiting room. Police intervened before any serious injuries occurred and made no arrests.

How many people died in the Freedom Rider bus?

On episode four: The Freedom Ride movement almost ended in Alabama on May 14, 1961, when Hank Thomas and six other Riders nearly died on a bus set on fire in rural Alabama, where the Ku Klux Klan reigned.

How many Freedom Riders were on the Greyhound bus?

Sixty years ago on May 4, Charles Person boarded a bus in Washington, D.C., to take the most dangerous ride of his life. With him were 12 other Freedom Riders, spread between two buses — one group on Trailways and another on Greyhound destined for Louisiana.

What happened to the bus that Freedom Riders were on?

A Freedom Rider bus went up in flames in May 1961 when a fire bomb was tossed through a window near Anniston, Ala. White segregationists had slashed the tires on the bus and it had to stop. A mob jammed the doors and broke the windows before throwing the firebomb on the bus.

What were the freedom rides like?

For the Freedom Rides, a Black rider was to sit in front, then an interracial pairing would sit together, another rider served as an observer, playing the role of a regular passenger, according to the book. Along the way, they were beaten, some jailed and one group barely escaped a bus that was firebombed outside Anniston, Alabama.

What happened to the Freedom Riders at Anniston?

Just south of Anniston, the driver of a southbound Greyhound motioned to the driver of the Freedom Riders’ bus, O. T. Jones, to pull over to the side of the road. A white man then ran across the road and yelled to Jones through the window: “There’s an angry and unruly crowd gathered at Anniston.