Who was Brendan in EastEnders 2011?

Who was Brendan in EastEnders 2011?

James Farrar, 34, who first started as the character of Brendan on the soap in 2011, was probably more well known for his role in another soap. James played the iconic Liam Gilmore in Hollyoaks from 2012 to 2013, which put him on the map at the time.

Who used to be in EastEnders?

Last appeared in 2020

Character Actor(s) Duration
Lucy Beale Eva Brittin-Snell 1993–2010, 2012–2015, 2019–2020
Caroline Gardner Laura Stevely 2019–2020
Lisa Fowler Lucy Benjamin 1998–2003, 2010, 2017, 2019–2020
Louise Mitchell Tilly Keeper 2001–2003, 2008, 2010, 2016–2020

Who were the first characters in EastEnders?

The first episode of EastEnders was broadcast on 19 February 1985, and twenty-three main characters were already created for their first appearance. The first character to be seen was Den Watts, followed by Ali Osman and then Arthur Fowler, all of whom find Reg Cox dying in his flat.

Who was Martina Quinn in EastEnders?

Tamara Wall
Shenice Quinn, played by nine-year-old (at the time of casting) Lily Harvey, is the daughter of Martina Quinn (Tamara Wall), who is an old friend of Kat Moon’s (Jessie Wallace) from Spain….

Shenice Quinn
EastEnders character
Classification Former; recurring

Who is Andrew Cotton in EastEnders?

Andrew Cotton is the son of Rose and Charlie Cotton and the nephew of the well respected, Dot Branning and the half brother of Tom Cotton and the villainous Nick Cotton.

Who did Emmanuella Cole play in EastEnders?

Eve Igwe
Eve Igwe made her first appearance on 22 January 2016. She is portrayed by Emmanuella Cole.

Who is the new character in EastEnders?

Zack Hudson
EastEnders character
Portrayed by James Farrar
Duration 2021–present
First appearance Episode 6237/6238 16 March 2021

Who is the longest serving cast member in EastEnders?

I wanted to play it safe, didn’t want to be brave, and never made that leap to adult actress.” Slaughter is currently the longest serving character on EastEnders, alongside Adam Woodyatt.

Who has appeared in the most episodes of EastEnders?

Adam Woodyatt has played Ian Beale in 3460 episodes of EastEnders from 1985 onwards as well as appearing in the spin-offs, Dimensions in Time in 1993, Last Tango in Walford in 2010, The Walford Apprentice in 2012, and also the Children in Need special The Ghosts of Ian Beale and in the internet episodes of the E20 ( …

Who did Lily Harvey play in EastEnders?

When Lily joined EastEnders as Shenice, it was during Lacey’s four-year break shortly after Stacey fled the square after she murdered Archie Mitchell in The Queen Vic on Christmas Day in 2010.

Who was the first character in EastEnders in 2011?

The following are characters who first appeared, or returned, in the BBC soap opera EastEnders during 2011 listed by order of first appearance. New characters were introduced by Bryan Kirkwood, executive producer. The first main character to be announced was Eddie Moon, the father of Michael Moon.

Who is faith in EastEnders and when did she appear?

Faith is one of three main characters in the third series of EastEnders spin-off EastEnders: E20, and the only one to appear in EastEnders as well. She appears in EastEnders from 13 September 2011, before appearing in the spin-off.

Who are the writers of BBC One drama EastEnders?

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Did EastEnders cast Lydia’s estranged son?

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