Who produced dont walk away?

Who produced dont walk away?

“Don’t Walk Away” is a song by American R&B group Jade. It was released on November 23, 1992 as the second single from their debut album, Jade to the Max….Don’t Walk Away (Jade song)

“Don’t Walk Away”
Producer(s) Vassal Benford III Ronald Spearman
Jade singles chronology
“I Wanna Love You” (1992) “Don’t Walk Away” (1992) “One Woman” (1993)

How old is the group Jade?

Jade (R&B group)

Years active 1991–1997, 2014, 2021–present
Labels Giant/Reprise/Warner Bros. Records
Website officialjademusic.com
Members Joi Marshall Tonya Kelly Di Reed Myracle Holloway

Can jade be white?

Mined and carved since Neolithic times, white jade stone is the primary hardstone used in Chinese sculpture and while jade comes in a variety of colours (bright green is most common in Europe), the most highly-prized in China is white nephrite jade, known as ‘mutton fat’ and is found in shades from translucent white to …

What happened to Jade the R&B group?

The ultra-annoying “5-4-3-2 Yo Time Is Up” and lackluster “Every Day of the Week” failed to set the world on fire. By the end of the year Jade vanished as quickly as they arrived. Sadly, after “Don’t Walk Away,” seems like all of their fans DID walk away. Besides the usual rumors (infighting, they were broke, etc.)

What does walk away from mean?

walk away from (someone or something) 1. To abandon someone or something; to leave some person or thing without meeting or incurring any obligations.

Who sang dont walkaway?

JadeDon’t Walk Away / Artist

What was Minnie Riperton’s big hit?

On April 5, 1975, Riperton reached the apex of her career with her No. 1 single “Lovin’ You”. The single was the last release from her 1974 gold album titled Perfect Angel.