Who owns Pizza Domenica in New Orleans?

Who owns Pizza Domenica in New Orleans?

Alon Shaya is one of New Orleans’ most prominent chefs; so is his longtime partner, John Besh, a co-owner in Shaya’s three successful New Orleans restaurants: Domenica, Pizza Domenica and Shaya. Now, it appears that the high-octane, James Beard Award-winning partnership is coming to an end.

Who owns BRG Hospitality?

Besh Restaurant Group, the parent company of embattled chef John Besh’s restaurants, has changed its name to BRG Hospitality.

Who owns Luke restaurant New Orleans?

John Besh
A member of the staff walks through Luke, one of the restaurants still owned by John Besh, on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans.

What are the best local restaurants in New Orleans?

Casa Borrega 1719 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. This artsy Mexican spot has some of the best Mexican flavors in town.

  • Ponchartrain Hotel 2031 St Charles Ave.
  • Toups South 1504 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.
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  • What restaurants are in New Orleans?

    Wayne Baquet Sr. had retired once before. That lasted six months. But this time he was serious. After a lifetime running restaurants in New Orleans, he was done. No more serving gumbo. No more making sure that everyone got their fill of fried chicken and

    What is the best food to eat in New Orleans?

    Creole Cuisine. Before Louisiana was part of the USA,it was a colony of France and then Spain. Creole refers to the American-born descendants of those European settlers.

  • Cajun Cuisine. Now onto the Cajuns,who are also known as Acadians.
  • Soul Food and Seafood. Finally,soul food refers to the cuisine created by African-American descendants of slaves.
  • What is the best BBQ in New Orleans?

    Walker’s BBQ. This New Orleans East barbecue outpost is well-known for providing its famous cochon de lait poboy at Jazz Fest,Satchmo Fest,and other high profile local occasions

  • Nola Crawfish King Seafood&Barbecue. Chris “Shaggy” Davis two favorite food groups are boiled crawfish and barbecue and at Crawfish King he serves both.
  • Blue Oak BBQ.