Who is Tom Keane?

Who is Tom Keane?

Thomas Oliver Chaplin (born 8 March 1979) is an English singer-songwriter, musician and composer, best known as the lead singer of the English pop rock band Keane….This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia’s layout guidelines.

Tom Chaplin
Years active 1997—present
Associated acts Keane

Who is Tom Chaplin wife?

Natalie ChaplinTom Chaplin / Wife (m. 2011)

What is the Irish name for Keane?

Origin of the name The name Keane comes from the old Gaelic name O’Cathain. The o prexix to the name means ‘grandson of’ or ‘descendent of’. Cathain was a given name and came from the Gaelic word ‘Cath’ which means ‘battle’.

What was the original name of the band Keane?

The name changed again to “Keane”. In an interview on 2006, Rice-Oxley said that the band was called Coldplay, but he gave this name to a friend (Chris Martin, of Coldplay). Keane began playing songs by other artists, but soon they wanted to play their own songs.

How did Cherry Keane get their name?

Tim made the band in 1995 with his friend Dominic Scott. They named the band “The Lotus Eaters”. They changed their name to “Cherry Keane” in 1997, when Chaplin entered the band. Cherry Keane was a woman who served tea at Tim and Tom’s school.

Is Keane a publicly traded company?

By the 1990s Keane had become a publicly traded company and expanded into software engineering, application maintenance, program management and consulting services. September 11, 2001 – One of the company’s locations was the South Tower in New York City that collapsed because of the 9/11 terror attacks .

What ever happened to Keane?

After the release of their compilation album The Best of Keane in 2013, the band took a hiatus, lasting nearly 5 years. The band returned after the hiatus with new music, announcing their fifth studio album titled Cause and Effect on 6 June 2019 and releasing the lead single from the album “The Way I Feel”.