Who is the voice of Archer Sterling?

Who is the voice of Archer Sterling?

H. Jon BenjaminSterling Archer / Voiced by

Jon Benjamin is the voice behind some of television’s most beloved animated characters. He’s the voice of titular character “Bob” in Fox’s heartwarming sitcom Bob’s Burgers. He also plays Sterling Archer in FX’s Archer, which just premiered its 10th season this past spring.

Did voice actors change in Archer?

Few Archer characters have evolved more than Pam Poovey, who went from the spy agency’s oft-ignored Human Resources director to a brawling field agent. Along the way, something else changed: her vocal affectations. Archer’s had a consistent voice cast for 11 seasons now — including the voice of Pam herself, Amber Nash.

How many voices does H. Jon Benjamin do on Bob’s Burgers?

H. He is also the voice actor for nearly 30 characters on the show including Jimmy Pesto, Jr., Big Bob, Ms. LaBonz, Al, Peter Pescadero, and Matt of Boyz4Now. “So, I would say out of those 30, there’s like 11 of the exact same voice but just different characters,” Benjamin told GQ.

Who voices Archer in Fate Stay Night?

Junichi SuwabeFate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works
Liam O’BrienFate/Stay Night
Archer/Voiced by

Did they replace Mallory on Archer?

Although Season 12 was still in production at the time of Jessica’s death, the cast members completed their voice work before then. Executive producer Casey Willis confirmed to IndieWire that Jessica had finished her lines as Malory for Season 12, allowing her to bring life to the character once more before she died.

How much of Archer is improv?

10 The Cast Don’t Record Together That means improv is quite rare, although the cast have admitted they don’t often add to the scripts, citing Adam Reed as the writing genius behind the show’s best jokes.

What episode of Archer is Sterling Archer in?

He voices Sterling Archer, a secret agent in the FX series Archer that first aired January 14, 2010. He has appeared in several segments of the television show Human Giant and had a cameo in the American Dad! episode “License to Till” as a talking head of cabbage.

Who are the actors in the TV show Archer?

Series Cast. H. Jon Benjamin. Sterling Archer / 119 episodes, 2009-2020. Judy Greer. Cheryl Tunt / 119 episodes, 2009-2020.

Who does Ben Benjamin play in Archer?

Benjamin was featured in a Super Bowl XLIII Bud Light commercial with Conan O’Brien and was responsible for the McCain Girls videos on YouTube. He voices Sterling Archer, a secret agent in the FX series Archer that first aired January 14, 2010.

Who did Ben Benjamin voice on Maron&Seder?

He did the voice of “Shelly,” Sam Seder’s accountant, on Breakroom Live with Maron & Seder . Benjamin has made guest appearances in several animated shows.