Who is the first Mayor of chittagong City Corporation?

Who is the first Mayor of chittagong City Corporation?

A.B.M. Mohiuddin Chowdhury
A.B.M. Mohiuddin Chowdhury became the first democratically elected Mayor in the history of Chattogram City Corporation.

How many wards are there in the Chittagong City Corporation?

41 wards
Chattogram City Corporation is divided into 16 thanas: Bakoliya, Bandar, Bayazid, Chandgaon, Double Mooring, Halishahar, Khulshi, Kotwali, Pahartali, Panchlaish, Patenga, Akbarshah, Chawkbazar, Sadarghat, EPZ and Karnaphuli. The thanas are subdivided into 41 wards and 211 mahallas.

Who is the current mayor of Chittagong?

Mayor of Chittagong

Mayor of The Chittagong
Incumbent Rezaul Karim Chowdhury since 11 February 2021
Chittagong City Corporation
Style Honourable Mayor
Member of Chattogram City Corporation

What is the area of Chittagong city?

64.89 mi²Chattogram / Area

Which ward is panchlaish?

Panchlaish Thana

Ward and Union Mahalla and Mouza Literacy rate (%)
1+2 (part) 13

How many unions are there in Chittagong?

Source Bangladesh Population Census 2001,Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Administration Chittagong district was established in 1666 including three hill districts….Chittagong District.

Others Information of District Name of upazila Fatikchhari 33
Union 20
Mouza 102
Village 206
Population 441863

How many wards are there in Narayanganj City Corporation?

It was formed comprising Narayanganj Town, Siddhirganj Municipal area and Kadamrasul Municipality. It consists of 27 wards including 9 reserve seats for women.

Why is Chittagong now Chattogram?

In April 2018, the Bangladesh government decided that the English spelling would change from Chittagong to Chattogram to make the name sound similar to the Bangla spelling.

What is the post office of Panchlaish thana?

Panchlaish postal code: 4203 Passport Office Panchlaish, Chattogram 4203.

How many districts are there in Chittagong?

eleven districts
Chittagong Division is presently subdivided into eleven districts (zilas) and thence into 99 sub-districts (upazilas).