Who is the chief of police in Bridgeton Missouri?

Who is the chief of police in Bridgeton Missouri?

Police Department

Name Title Phone
Ervin, Jen Secretary 314-373-3823
Mossotti, Mark Chief of Police 314-739-7557

How many police officers does Round Rock have?

147 certified police officers
The Round Rock Texas Police Department is a dynamic, full-service police organization comprised of 147 certified police officers and 69 civilian staff.

How many police officers are in the Delta police Department?

200 police officers
Approximately 200 police officers and 80 police staff work hard to help ensure Delta is one of the safest communities in the Metro Vancouver area. We’re proud of our “No Call Too Small” approach to policing, which puts the needs of the community first.

How do I join the Round Rock Police Department?

Police Cadet Requirements

  1. At least 30 college credit hours from an accredited college or university, or.
  2. Two years active duty time in the U.S. Armed Forces, or.
  3. Two years of full-time basic jailer experience, or.
  4. Two years of full-time employment as a non-sworn member of the Round Rock Police. Department.

How much do Port Moody Police make?


Salary*- 2019 Rates (expired as of 2019.12.31) Gross Pay per Month
Probationary Constable (1st year, including during training) $5,993
Fourth Class Constable $6.721
Third Class Constable $6,849
Second Class Constable $7,705

What is the meaning of Constable noun?

noun. an officer of the peace, having police and minor judicial functions, usually in a small town, rural district, etc. Chiefly British. a police officer. an officer of high rank in medieval monarchies, usually the commander of all armed forces, especially in the absence of the ruler.

How much do Redwood City police officers make?

The average salary for a Police Officer is $105,224 per year in Redwood City, CA.