Who is the CEO of Warner Music Group?

Who is the CEO of Warner Music Group?

Stephen Cooper (Aug 2011–)Warner Music Group / CEOStephen F. Cooper is a businessman and the current CEO of the Warner Music Group. Wikipedia

How do I contact WMG?

More details are available on the link here. For queries on royalties, call 877-343-7784 or write to [email protected].

Does Warner Music Group pay well?

The average Warner Music Group salary ranges from approximately $36,178 per year for an Assistant to $160,492 per year for a Vice President. The average Warner Music Group hourly pay ranges from approximately $10 per hour for a College Marketing Representative to $21 per hour for a Coordinator.

Who owns Warner Records?

Warner Music Group
WMG Acquisition Corp
Warner Records/Parent organizations

Is Warner Music Group part of WarnerMedia?

Formerly part of Time Warner (now WarnerMedia), WMG was publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange from 2005 until 2011, when it announced its privatization and sale to Access Industries. It later had its second IPO on Nasdaq in 2020, once again becoming a public company.

How do I get a WMG license?

If you post WMG content on any site other than YouTube, you will need to request a license through us and can do so through clicking “License A Master” at www.wmgmusiclicensing.com.

How much does Warner Music Group make a year?

Revenue of the Warner Music Group 2004-2021 In 2021, Warner Music Group reported revenues of 5.3 billion U.S. dollars.

What does Warner Records pay?

Warner Records Salaries

Job Title Salary
Coordinator salaries – 5 salaries reported $49,131/yr
Executive Assistant salaries – 4 salaries reported $60,040/yr
Director salaries – 3 salaries reported $95,552/yr
Digital Marketing Manager salaries – 3 salaries reported $72,851/yr

Does WarnerMedia own Warner Music Group?

Warner Media, LLC (formerly Time Warner Inc.) is a media conglomerate that is a division and subsidiary of AT and headquartered in New York City….Warner Bros. Digital Networks.

Asset Notes
Ellen Digital Ventures joint venture with Ellen DeGeneres

Who owns Warner Group Corporation?

Access IndustriesWarner Music Group / Parent organization

Who is the CEO of Warner Music?

^ Christman, Ed (August 19, 2011). “Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and Chairman Stephen Cooper Switch Jobs”. Billboard. Archived from the original on November 17, 2012.

What companies does Warner Music Group own?

The company owns and operates some of the largest and most successful labels in the world, including Elektra Music Group, Warner Bros. Records, Parlophone, and Atlantic Records. WMG also owns Warner/Chappell Music, one of the world’s largest music publishers.

What happened to Warner Music Group?

Looking to reduce its debt load, Time Warner — the corporate successor to Warner Communications — sold Warner Music Group in 2004 to a group of investors led by Edgar Bronfman Jr. for US$2.6 billion. This spinoff was completed on February 27, 2004.

Who is the new president of Warner Bros Records?

One week later, Mo Ostin was named as the new President of Warner Bros. Records, with Joe Smith as his executive vice-president. Ertegun nominally remained the head of Atlantic, but since both Ostin and Smith owed their new positions to him, Ertegun was now the de facto head of the Warner music division.