Who is the CEO of Baltimore City Schools?

Who is the CEO of Baltimore City Schools?

Sonja Santelises
Sonja Santelises, the CEO of the Baltimore City Public Schools.

Who is in charge of Baltimore city schools?

Sonja Brookins Santelises
Meet CEO Sonja Brookins Santelises. Dr. Sonja Brookins Santelises has spent close to 30 years focused on building high-quality teaching and learning to help students excel. She first came to City Schools as chief academic officer, serving in that role from 2010 to 2013.

How much does a Baltimore public school teacher make?

Average Baltimore City Public Schools Teacher yearly pay in the United States is approximately $54,374, which is 41% above the national average.

Does Baltimore City have school buses?

About our buses and drivers City Schools buses and contract buses are inspected thoroughly three times a year in accordance with guidelines established by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

Who controls Baltimore schools?

The Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners is responsible for ensuring excellence in education for every student at every level. The Board does this by focusing on quality instruction, managing systems efficiently and sustaining a culture of excellence.

Who appoints the Baltimore City school Board?

the mayor of Baltimore City
Members of the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners are appointed to three-year terms by the mayor of Baltimore City.

Is Baltimore City Public Schools a state agency?

Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS), also referred to as Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS) or City Schools, is a public school district in the city of Baltimore, state of Maryland, United States….Baltimore City Public Schools.

Website www.baltimorecityschools.org, also information on www.baltimorecity.gov

How much do most school teachers make?

10 States Where Elementary School Teachers Earn The Most Money. According to the BLS, the average annual wage for an elementary school teacher, excluding special education, is $63,930, which is higher than $53,490, the average annual wage for all occupations.

How do I request records from the Baltimore City Department of human resources?

You may contact the Department of Human Resources, 7 E Redwood Street, Suite 1700, Baltimore, MD, 21202, 410-396-3851 or [email protected] about requesting records from this entity.

How do I apply for a job with Baltimore City?

Join us in making Baltimore a great place to live and work. Questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Department of Human Resources Office of Recruitment at (410) 396-3860, 711 (TTY), 7 E. Redwood Street, 16th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202 or [email protected].

Why work at Baltimore City hiring?

We are committed to assisting candidates achieve their goals. The City of Baltimore offers limitless opportunities to help drive social impact, both on the job and in the community, while serving its citizens.

What are the different divisions of Baltimore County public schools?

Select a Division Baltimore County Public Schools Division of Business Services Division of Chief of Staff Division of Curriculum and Instruction Division of Human Resources Division of Organizational Effectiveness Division of School Climate and Safety Division of Research, Accountability, and Assessment Language View Original Spanish Burmese