Who is iBallisticSquid?

Who is iBallisticSquid?

David Spencer, more commonly as known iBallisticSquid, iSlipperyFellow , Squid Nugget or just Squid, is a popular Youtuber who commonly plays with Stampy in his videos. He has many series, including, Operation Vacation, Attack of the B-Team, Pixelmon, Mission to Mars, race to the moon, and Crazy Craft!

How realistic is the movie Race to Mars?

Realistic of a steady pace. I really enjoyed “Race to Mars” and have watching it several times. One of the things that people forget is that space travel is SLOW and BORING. Yes there will be people who find the level of action slow but it also brings to light just how routine the astronauts lives will be.

What happened to the mission to Mars server?

Because they couldn’t continue the series together, Squid abruptly ended the series. As Minecraft servers were to be paid for, the Mission to Mars server was neglected and was later most likely shut down. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

David Spencer, more commonly known as iBallisticSquid, iSlipperyFellow, Squid Nugget or just Squid, is a popular YouTuber and Gamer who commonly plays with Stampy in his videos.

What episode does squid call his island slippery survival?

On episode 21 of sky grid, Squid would kill the ender dragon and take back his island, however his island was no more and his island was on the ground. This prompted squid to call it “Slippery Survival” In episode 105, Squid would create a portal to another dimension which made this video one of his most popular videos.

What is squid’s nationality?

He is from the United Kingdom. Squid and Stampy are best friends in and out of videos as a result of their numerous collaborations together. They are the duo that made the most impact on their viewers and subscribers at the time they both became more popular. For two episodes, he became a guest in the short-lived Stampy’s Lovely Podcast .

How did Squidward get his username?

His username comes from him playing Call Of Duty and using the ballistic knife and from when he was at college his friends called him squidward because he was grumpy. He has three dogs and two cats. His Beagle is called Lily, his Labrador is known as Marley. He recently got a new St. Bernard named Cujo and his cats Ollie and Church.