Who is Hawkgirl?

Who is Hawkgirl?

Shayera Hol, formerly known on Earth as Hawkgirl, is one of the founding members of the Justice League and a former member of the Thanagarian military. She played a key role in the Thanagarian invasion on both sides. Hawkgirl is a sassy, very fiery, and considerably aggressive person who exhibits a wild temperament…

How did Hawkgirl destroy the imperial factory?

The group was able to free themselves and destroy the factory and its duplicates around the world. In fact, Hawkgirl was responsible for destroying the Imperium when he attempted to escape on board his personal shuttle craft.

How did Hawkgirl find out about Doctor Fate?

During one such mission, after tracking Solomon Grundy and Aquaman to Doctor Fate, Hawkgirl discovered Fate’s connection to Thanagar. Along with Superman and Wonder Woman, she discovered that Ichthultu, once worshiped on Thanagar as a god-like entity, had come to Earth.

What happened to Hawkgirl and Shayera?

However, Hawkgirl’s betrayal was quickly discovered by Hro Talak’s right-hand man, Kragger, and she was imprisoned. When Talak realizes that she wasn’t in love with him anymore, but now with John, Shayera was offered the chance to be released and pardoned for her treason, if she admitted that she didn’t love John.