Who is Giuseppe Travaglio?

Who is Giuseppe Travaglio?

Travaglio was born in Turin and earned a degree in history from the University of Turin. In 1992 he began to pursue journalism as a career.

Was Marco Travaglio on AnnoZero?

Between 2006 and 2011, Marco Travaglio was a regular guest of the TV program AnnoZero, hosted by Michele Santoro (also mentioned by Berlusconi in the so-called Bulgarian Edict ).

What is Marco Travaglio’s religion?

Travaglio is a Roman Catholic. Books by Marco Travaglio (usually co-authored with other investigative journalists) include: Bravi ragazzi (Italian for Good fellas ), published in 2003 and reporting on politicians Cesare Previti and Silvio Berlusconi’s alleged (and later confirmed by court’s sentence ) corruption of judges