Who is Ferenc Szalasi?

Who is Ferenc Szálasi?

Ferenc Szálasi ( Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈfɛrɛnt͡s ˈsaːlɒʃi]; 6 January 1897 – 12 March 1946) was the leader of the Arrow Cross Party – Hungarist Movement, the “Leader of the Nation” ( Nemzetvezető ), being both Head of State and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Hungary ‘s ” Government of National Unity “…

Where was Ferenc Szálasi during the Battle of Budapest?

On 19 November 1944, Szálasi was in the Hungarian capital when Soviet and Romanian forces began encircling it. By the time the city was encircled and the 102-day Siege of Budapest began, he was gone. The “Leader of the Nation” ( Nemzetvezető) fled to Szombathely on 9 December. By March 1945, Szálasi was in Vienna just prior to the Vienna Offensive.

What happened to Ferenc Szálasi while in prison?

However, even while in prison Szálasi managed to remain a powerful political figure, and was proclaimed leader of the National Socialist Arrow Cross Party (a coalition of several right-wing groups) when it was expanded in 1938.

What was Ferenc Szálasi’s government like?

The Government of National Unity headed by Ferenc Szálasi (sitting in the center). Szálasi and his ” Quisling government” had little other intention or ability but to execute the party’s ideology and to maintain control in Nazi-occupied portions of Hungary as the Soviet Union invaded. He did this in order to reduce the threat to Germany.