Who is Anna fuchsia?

Who is Anna fuchsia?

We sat down with AnnieFuchsia – Swedish Twitch star – and talked about how she started her career in streaming, World of Warcraft Classic, gender equality in the world of gaming and much more.

Where is Forsen now?

Cloud 9
Forsen is a partnered streamer on Twitch for Cloud 9, who became famous for his Hearthstone gameplay. He currently has over one million followers….

Location Sweden
Twitter @Forsen
YouTube ForsenTV
Primary Games PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Hearthstone, Gwent

Who does Forsen follow?


Personal information
Games StarCraft II Hearthstone PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Minecraft Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Teams played for Cloud9
Followers 1.59 million (5 February 2022)

Where is Annie fuchsia from?

Where are you from? I’m from Sweden! I currently reside in Stockholm.

How old is Anniefuchsia?

Anniefuchsia Net Worth, Age, Twitch Earnings 2022

Real Name: Annie fuchsia
Nationality: Swedish
Date of Birth unknown
Age: 22
Net Worth: $300,000 USD

What is Mitch Jones doing?

Jones currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Jones has stated that he suffers from bouts of anxiety and depression.

How tall is Forsen Twitch?


Name Sebastian Hans Eli Fors
Country of Birth Sweden
Birthday December 16, 1990 (age 31)
Height 6 ft.3 (190.5 cm)
Est. Net Worth $3.5 Million

Where is Snowmixy?

Moving on, Snowmixy is originally from Stockholm. Thus, her nationality is Swedish and her real name is Emelie.

Is Annie fuchsia single?

As of now, Anniefuchsia appears to be single.

How old is Anniefewsh?

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