Who invented the McTwist snowboard trick?

Who invented the McTwist snowboard trick?

The McTwist, named for skateboarder Mike McGill, is an inverted aerial where the snowboarder rotates 540 degrees or more and does a front flip. White is credited with creating the double McTwist, also known as the White McTwist, a 720 degree rotation which won him gold at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.

Who invented the double McTwist 1260?

Shaun White
The rotation may continue beyond 540° (e.g., McTwist 720). The origin of this trick comes from vert ramp skateboarding, and was first performed on a skateboard by Mike McGill. Shaun White is credited as the creator of the Double McTwist 1260, but Ben Stewart performs the trick in some of the earliest archival footage.

What is a McTwist skateboarding?

First performed in 1984 on a wooden half-pipe in Sweden by vert skater Mike McGill, the McTwist is an advanced aerial move where the skater turns one and a half times in mid-air, using a mute grab (where the front hand grabs the toeside of the board between the feet) to rotate the skateboarder, resulting in a backward …

Why is it called the Mctwist?

Rodney Mullen then named it the McTwist. The trick is derived from a combination of the “Mc” in McGill and the word “twist”—twist had previously been introduced by Lance Mountain and Neil Blender, with their invention of the “Gay twist” (a mute-grab, fakie 360-degree aerial).

Who named the Mctwist?

Mike McGill Invented one of the greatest tricks of all time, while teaching at a Swedish summer camp in 1984, which most people say opened up a whole new dimension in skateboarding. The trick was name by one of his former teammates Rodney Mullen the “MCTWIST”. The Mctwist is a 540-degree aerial grabbing mute style.

What is Cork snowboarding?

Cork: An off-axis rotation. If a riders inverts twice, the trick becomes a double cork. A third invert makes it a triple cork. The Daddy: A quadruple, twisting triple backflip, Ashley Caldwell’s signature move.

Whats a triple in snowboarding?

Triple cork: A triple cork is three flips with a varying number of diagonal rotations. If there’s a number after the trick, it relates to the degree of the trick. A frontside triple cork 1440, for example, is four full rotations and three off-axis flips.

Is a McTwist just a 540?

Details. The McTwist was first done by Mike McGill. The McTwist is a 540 degree backside spin coupled with a Mute Grab. Although the original McTwist is inverted, today any Backside 540 Mute grab is considered a McTwist (citation needed).

Why is it called a McTwist?

Who invented the McTwist in snowboarding?

The person responsible for bringing the McTwist to snow is Terry Kidwell. Known as the “Father of Freestyle,” TK busted out the first documented McTwist for Sims’ “This is Snowboarding” movie in 1984 (check for it at about 1:15).

Who invented the McTwist 1260?

This, and your garden-variety front and backflips, are the bedrock for any snowboarder’s flips and twists, the double McTwist 1260 included. The person responsible for bringing the McTwist to snow is Terry Kidwell.

What is the most difficult snowboarding trick?

Another is the triple cork — a move so difficult it once landed snowboarding legend Shaun White in the hospital. White’s Beijing Olympic runs will probably not include a triple cork — a trick that Ayumu Hirano of Japan landed twice in competition this season.

Where did the McTwist get its name?

The McTwist itself is named after Mike McGill, a legendary skater that also took the move public for the first time in 1984, first in Sweden, and then at the Del Mar Skate Ranch. Check the video of the event here, McGill skating in a red shirt, and his McTwist at about 7:20, the crowd goes nuts.