Who has played in the MLB for 4 decades?

Who has played in the MLB for 4 decades?

These MLB careers spanned 4 decades

  • 1980s-2010s.
  • Jamie Moyer (1986-2012) The left-hander started more than 600 games, pitching through his age-49 season, which he spent with the Rockies.
  • Ken Griffey Jr. (
  • Omar Vizquel (1989-2012)
  • 1970s-2000s.
  • Rickey Henderson (1979-2003)
  • Mike Morgan (1978-2002)
  • Jesse Orosco (1979-2003)

How many players have 2000 career hits?

Below is the list of the 286 Major League Baseball players who have reached the 2,000 hit milestone during their career in MLB.

Who was the best baseball players in the 2000s?

The Most Famous Baseball Players of the 2000s: An All-Fame Lineup

  • Catcher: Mike Piazza.
  • First Base: Albert Pujols.
  • Second Base: Jeff Kent.
  • Shortstop: Derek Jeter.
  • Third Base: Alex Rodriguez.
  • Left Field: Barry Bonds.
  • Center Field: Johnny Damon.

Who hit home runs in 4 different decades?

We’ll take a look at the players who have homered in four decades (Vizquel, Ted Williams, Willie McCovey and Rickey Henderson) in some detail, but first a few “factoids” about the feat. Timing can be crucial – all four members of the Four Decade HR Club began their MLB careers in the final year of a decade.

What MLB players played the most seasons?

Most Seasons Played

Player Years Played Seasons
Nolan Ryan 1966-1993 27
Cap Anson 1871-1897 27
Deacon McGuire 1884-1912 26
Tommy John 1963-1989 26

Who hit the most home runs in the 2000s?

Alex Rodriguez
Over the decade, twelve players topped 300 homeruns: the five above plus Bonds, Dunn, Guerrero, Berkman, Andruw Jones, Ortiz, and Giambi. That’s another record for the ‘Aughts….Mosts of the Decade – Hitters.

1. Alex Rodriguez 1243
2. Albert Pujols 1112
3. Manny Ramirez 1106
4. Miguel Tejada 1046
5. Carlos Delgado 1045

Who played in the major leagues the longest?

Here Are the 6 Players With the Longest Careers in MLB History

  • Rickey Henderson, 25 seasons.
  • Jamie Moyer, 25 seasons.
  • Deacon McGuire, 26 seasons (TIE)
  • Tommy John, 26 seasons.
  • Cap Anson, 27 seasons.
  • Nolan Ryan, 27 seasons.

Who has appeared in Major League Baseball games in five decades?

Nick Altrock, Minnie Miñoso and Satchel Paige are the only three players to have appeared in major league baseball games in five different decades. None were full-time players at the end of their careers; Altrock was a coach on the Washington Senators and appeared sparingly over just seventeen games in a twenty-two season span from 1912-1933.

When did the 4th decade of baseball start?

Since 1900 (the first year that a player could play in a “fourth decade”), every decade except the 1940s and 2020s has added at least one player to the list.

Who was the first four-decade player in professional baseball?

The first true four-decade player was spitballer Jack Quinn, whose career spanned from 1909 to 1933, after he had turned 50 years old. Quinn’s longevity had less to do with his staying fit and more to do with him being the second-to-last player legally allowed to throw a spitball, having been grandfathered in years earlier.

How many MLB players have played Major League Baseball?

Playing Major League Baseball in four decades has been attained by only 31 players in the league’s history, dating from the 1870s to the present day.