Who did the music in Sonic 06?

Who did the music in Sonic 06?

The main theme of the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog was performed by Ali Tabatabaee and Matty Lewis of the punk rock band Zebrahead, while R&B artist Akon remixed “Sweet Sweet Sweet” for its soundtrack.

What was Sonic’s original name?

In the Archie comics, Sonic’s real name is revealed to be Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog. He tries desperately to protect that information, possibly out of embarrassment. This name is not canon (official) in the game continuity, however, and he is simply known as Sonic the Hedgehog in the games.

Who composed Sonic 1?

Masato NakamuraSonic the Hedgehog / Composer

Who composed Sonic 2 music?

Masato NakamuraSonic the Hedgehog 2 / Composer

What is the highest score on Sonic the Hedgehog 1?

On 15 May 2011, Michael Sroka (USA) scored 812,140 points on Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega, 1991). All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date. For a full list of record titles, please use our Record Application Search.

Why is Sonic the Hedgehog so popular?

Your Sonic Blast could contain some items that are very much not actually food.…

  • The vanilla ice cream in general isn’t really a winner.…
  • Sonic’s chili may sit around for a while before making it to your car.…
  • Be wary of the condiments if you’re allergic to onions.
  • What are all the Sonic the Hedgehog songs?

    Friends – Hyper Potions

  • Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen
  • Flight of the Valkyries – Jim Carrey
  • All Fired Up – The Lazys
  • White Lightening – Tennessee River Crooks
  • Bad News – Ghost Hounds
  • I’m Turnin’ ‘Em Up – Wyley Randall
  • Boom – X Ambassadors
  • Love In The City – John Christopher Stokes
  • Where Evil Grows – The Poppy Family featuring Terry Jacks
  • How do you beat Sonic the Hedgehog?

    rived on the scene and will do whatever he can to keep Sonic and Tails from reaching their goal. Grab all the golden rings, find various bonus zones, and overcome Knuckles and Dr. Eggman as you rocket through the third chapter in Sonic’s adventures.