Who did Matthew Bourne collaborate with?

Who did Matthew Bourne collaborate with?

In 2004 Matthew co-directed with Richard Eyre and choreographed with Stephen Mear the hit West End musical Mary Poppins for which he has won two Olivier Awards for Best Theatre Choreographer (2005 and 2020), and two Tony nominations when it opened on Broadway.

Does Matthew Bourne have his own ballet company?

Matthew Bourne was the Artistic Director of his first company, Adventures in Motion Pictures, from 1987 until 2002. During those 15 years, AMP became one of the UK’s most innovative and popular dance/theatre company. In 2002, Matthew launched his latest company, New Adventures .

Who was Matthew Bourne inspired by?

Bourne looked not only to the power of Tchaikovsky’s music but also to nature for his inspiration. Seeing swans as large, aggressive, and powerful creatures, he had them danced by bare-chested men clad only in knee-length shorts made with layers of shredded silk that resembled feathers.

What is the story of Swan Lake Matthew Bourne?

Created in 1995, Bourne’s work brings the tale of prince-meets-swan into the present day. His hero is a repressed modern royal, dominated by his regal mother and her Machiavellian press secretary, barred from emotional outlets. His Swan is everything the Prince needs and can’t have.

How does Matthew Bourne work with his dancers?

As he works with dancers from mixture of contemporary, musical theatre and ballet training, he blends all of these genres to create something unique, but always the focus is on storytelling using the body instead of words. Earlier in his career, Bourne’s work had a very witty, quirky and comedic approach.

What style is Matthew bournes Swan Lake?

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake is a contemporary ballet based on the Russian romantic work Swan Lake, from which it takes the music by Tchaikovsky and the broad outline of the plot.

Who are the main characters in Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker?

The citizens of Sweetieland are performed by New Adventures’ dancers Jonathon Luke Baker, Benjamin Barlow Bazeley, Alistair Beattie, Isaac Peter Bowry, Kayla Collymore, Keenan Fletcher, Cameron Flynn, Rose Goddard, Shoko Ito, Harry Ondrak-Wright, Catrin Thomas, and Bryony Wood.

How does Matthew Bourne create his choreographies?

Bourne instructs choreographic tasks which generate phrases of movement which are developed, manipulated under Bourne’s direction. The movement is then filmed for reflection and future reference. The motives behind the tasks are deeply rooted in the intention of the narrative scene.

What is Matthew Bourne known for?

Matthew Bourne, in full Sir Matthew Bourne, (born January 13, 1960, Hackney, London, England), British choreographer and dancer noted for his uniquely updated interpretations of traditional ballet repertoire. He was also known for his choreography for popular revivals of classic musicals. Bourne entered the world of dance relatively late.

Why was Sir John Bourne knighted in 2016?

Bourne was knighted in the 2016 New Year Honours for services to dance. In 2007 Bourne contemplated a gay version of Romeo and Juliet. Despite the success of his Swan Lake, in which he altered the traditional story to be about a human male falling in love with a male swan, Bourne acknowledged the challenge of a gay Romeo and Juliet.

Why does Jason Bourne like dog-friendly Swan Lake?

He and his long-term partner, Arthur Pita, also a choreographer (and formerly one of the swans in Bourne’s celebrated all-male Swan Lake) like it partly because it is not just dog-friendly but positively dog-loving.

What has Matthew Bourne choreographed?

Matthew Bourne is also a Resident Artist at Sadlers Wells. Bourne has also created choreography for several major revivals of classic musicals including Cameron Mackintosh ‘s productions of Oliver! (1994) and My Fair Lady ( Olivier Award 2002) as well as the National Theatre ‘s revival of South Pacific (2001).