Who did Hye Ri end up in Reply 1988?

Who did Hye Ri end up in Reply 1988?

Case in point: Reply 1988’s Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol! They’ve been together for years now and yes, they’re still going strong. <3. You’re probably wondering how their love story started so we gathered all the details about their relationship—from the moment they met to their latest date together. Happy reading!

Who Deok Sun marry?

4. Deok Sun and Jung Hwan.

Who is Deok Sun’s husband?

3. Deok Sun and Taek. They were each other’s first kiss, and she always joked about marrying him someday. He literally gave up an important Go Game match just to attend a concert with her.

How old is Lee Hyeri?

27 years (June 9, 1994)Hyeri / Age

What was Deoksun’s reaction to Jung hwan’s confession?

While Jung Hwan was still “confessing” I don’t think Deoksun’s reaction was of discomfort, it was more “surprise” initially, then acknowledgement- nodding affirmatively but also confident about her unsaid answer: rejection. Jung Hwan saw all this, but I feel he went into the confession knowing he will concede that it was a “joke” in the end.

Did Duk Sun choose Choi Taek or Kim Jung hwan in ‘BTS’?

If you rooted for Choi Taek (played by Park Bo Gum ), Duk Sun’s choice was destiny. If you rooted for Kim Jung Hwan (played by Ryu Jun Yeol ), nothing made sense anymore. Amidst the commotion over the ending, many viewers looked for clues in the drama that could explain the ending.

Do you think Jung hwan’s proposal to Deok Sun was a prank?

Whether who the heroine ends up with is right or not is hotly debated and a lot of people bring up the scene of Jung Hwan proposing to Deok Sun and then saying it’s a prank, as an example of a cop out. Tbh, I think that scene was brilliant.

Did Duk Sun know taek liked her?

“Taek’s start was different from Sun Woo’s and Jung Hwan’s. Duk Sun did not know Taek liked her. Still, Taek was on her mind.