Who did Darkstripe poison?

Who did Darkstripe poison?

Sorrelkit was bored just sitting in the nursery with no one to talk to.

Why was Bristlefrost killed?

During the final confrontation against Ashfur, Bristlefrost—the cat who once stood by Ashfur’s side—sacrificed herself to save Shadowsight, throwing herself and the estranged tom into the dark water. Her spirit disappeared forever, though her sacrifice allowed StarClan, the Dark Forest, and the Clans to be saved.

What did Thistleclaw do?

Thistleclaw mentored Tigerpaw and nurtured the young tom’s ambitions and hunger for power. Bluefur knew that Thistleclaw would lead ThunderClan into war and endless bloodshed, so she did everything in her power to prevent him from becoming deputy, including giving up her own kits to be raised in RiverClan.

Do Rootspring and Bristlefrost have kits?

Bristlefrost envisioned herself with Rootspring in ThunderClan, hunting together, having three kits together, and sharing a nest. She died feeling loved, but Rootspring was devastated by her death, but promised to always keep her memory alive.

What kind of cat is Darkstripe?

Darkstripe is a large, sleek, thin-furred dark grey tabby tom with black stripes and yellow eyes. Darkstripe is an extremely arrogant and self-centered individual who believes in the supremacy of Clan cats over outsiders, and the supremacy of Tigerstar over all.

What happened to Darkstripe after he died?

After death, Darkstripe continued to serve as Tigerstar’s lackey and helped training certain living cats for the Great Battle, although he wasn’t highly regarded by other Dark Forest residents.

What is Darkstripe’s opinion on Tigerstar?

Darkstripe is the biggest supporter of Tigerstar, whom he regarded as the greatest cat ever.

Does Darkstripe ever betray his clan?

In the end, Darkstripe would ultimately betray his Clan entirely for the sake of his own ambitions. Darkstripe is the biggest supporter of Tigerstar, whom he regarded as the greatest cat ever.