Who designed the Wapello County Courthouse in Ottumwa Iowa?

Who designed the Wapello County Courthouse in Ottumwa Iowa?

It was designed by the Des Moines architectural firm of Foster & Liebbe, and C. Stanfford was the contractor who built it. The four-story building measures 101-by-94-foot (31 by 29 m) and a statue of Chief Wapello rests on a pedestal high above the main entrance.

What county is Ottumwa Iowa?

Wapello CountyOttumwa / County

Wapello County includes the following cities and towns: Agency, Blakesburg, Chillicothe, Eddyville, Eldon, Kirkville and Ottumwa.

What county is Wapello Iowa in?

Louisa CountyWapello / CountyLouisa County is a county located in the U.S. state of Iowa. As of the 2020 census, the population was 10,837. The county seat is Wapello.
Louisa County is part of the Muscatine Micropolitan Statistical Area. Wikipedia

What judicial district is Ottumwa Iowa on?

District 8
District 8 | Judicial District 8 | Iowa Judicial Branch.

What is Wapello?

Wapello is a city in and the county seat of Louisa County, Iowa, United States. The population was 2,084 at the time of the 2020 census. Wapello is part of the Muscatine Micropolitan Statistical Area.

What river is Wapello Iowa on?

Located in Louisa County, IA. on the right bank 1200 ft downstream of the bridge on State Highway 99, at the east edge of Wapello and 13.2 miles downstream of the Cedar River….

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Where is the Eighth Judicial District in Iowa?

Its mission is to provide community-based correctional services to the fourteen counties in southeast Iowa that comprise the Eighth Judicial District: Appanoose, Davis, Des Moines, Henry, Jefferson, Keokuk, Lee (North and South), Louisa, Mahaska, Monroe, Poweshiek, Van Buren, Wapello and Washington.

What judicial district is Larimer County?

8th Judicial District
The 8th Judicial District includes Larimer and Jackson Counties in Colorado. Our main office is located in Fort Collins, with satellite offices in Loveland and Walden.

What county number is Jefferson Iowa?

Greene County
Jefferson is a city in Greene County, Iowa, United States, along the North Raccoon River. The population was 4,182 at the time of the 2020 census. It is the county seat of Greene County….

Jefferson, Iowa
• Land 5.97 sq mi (15.46 km2)
• Water 0.04 sq mi (0.10 km2)
Elevation 1,066 ft (325 m)
Population (2020)

What county is Clayton Iowa in?

Clayton CountyClayton / County

What Indian tribe was Chief Wapello?

Wapello (1787 – March 15, 1842) was a Native American chief of the Meskwaki tribe.