Who designed Hauser and Wirth?

Who designed Hauser and Wirth?

Piet Oudolf
Piet Oudolf talks about his design for Hauser & Wirth Somerset, the large perennial meadow Oudolf Field. Encompassing the 1.5 acre meadow, Oudolf Field contains over 26,000 herbaceous perennials.

How many galleries does Hauser and Wirth have?

With a total of 16 locations around the world, from New York and London to Hong Kong and Monaco, mega-gallery Hauser & Wirth is continuing with its rapid international expansion, with the opening of a second location in the Los Angeles area.

Who is Ursula Hauser?

About Ursula Hauser Ursula Hauser grew up in St. Gallen, Switzerland, where she co-founded and directed a family retail business. In the 1980’s she began acquiring modern masters and developing an interest in contemporary art that burgeoned into a true passion.

Is Hauser and Wirth Somerset free?

Entrance to the gallery and garden is free, however we ask visitors to donate to our chosen local charities: Bruton Museum, Somerset Wildlife Trust and STAR (Somerset Trust for Arts & Recreation). We have parking space for one wheelchair for those visiting Durslade Farm Shop.

Who is Manuela Wirth?

Manuela Wirth is one half of the most powerful commercial art galleries in the world today, Hauser & Wirth. Founded in 1992 in Zurich, Switzerland, it now also has spaces in London, New York, Los Angeles and Somerset.

Is Hauser and Wirth dog friendly?

We cannot permit dogs inside the buildings or in Oudolf Field unless they are assistance dogs. We have a shaded kennel in the car park where up to 4 dogs can be left at their owners’ risk. Otherwise, they are permitted on our farmyard terrace if accompanied.

How many artists does Hauser and Wirth represent?

The gallery represents over 90 artists and estates who have been instrumental in shaping its identity over the past quarter century, and who are the inspiration for Hauser & Wirth’s diverse range of activities that engage with art, education, conservation, and sustainability.

Can you take dogs to Hauser and Wirth Somerset?

Admission is free, but we welcome donations to our chosen charity for 2017; BrueCRUE. We cannot permit dogs inside the buildings or in Oudolf Field unless they are assistance dogs. We have a shaded kennel in the car park where up to 4 dogs can be left at their owners’ risk.

Do you need tickets to Hauser and Wirth?

Free entry. No booking necessary. Do not touch or climb on the artworks.

Are dogs allowed at the Newt?

Regrettably we cannot allow dogs (except assistance dogs) as we keep various types of deer and fowl in open areas.

Who owns Durslade farm shop?

Hauser & Wirth
The new Durslade farm shop, in Somerset, is a case in point. Located in the grounds of a gallery owned by international art dealership Hauser & Wirth, which owns this one, this is a structure with a clapboard untreated wood exterior, a high pitched roof within and a lot of preserves.

Can you take your own food to the newt?

We encourage guests to taste the fruits of the garden and so do not allow personal picnics in the gardens; please enjoy the relaxed service offered at our Garden Cafe or a take away picnic from our Cyder Bar.

Who is Hauser industries?

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