Who can counter Huskar?

Who can counter Huskar?


  • Carries that can out damage Huskar will do well against him: Legion Commander, Faceless Void, Troll Warlord,
  • Heroes with abilities that reduce armor will make Huskar very vulnerable: Weaver, Dazzle, Bristleback,
  • Heroes with pure damage can kill Huskar when he inevitably gets low on health: Outworld Destroyer,

When should you pick Huskar?

Huskar is a midlaner and only midlaner. Sometimes he can go for carry or offlane in case he gets countered hard in mid, but that’s rarely the case as you should pick Huskar in the last stage of the draft.

Is Huskar good late game?

Late Game. Huskar is not the best late gamer and gets outcarried by many carries, you need to end this game fast now and you have various options to proceed.

Does AA counter Huskar?

For one, AA has 2 slows, one in the form of Chilling Touch, and the other in the form of Ice Vortex. Then, you have Cold Feet, which will let you disable Huskar and mitigate any more right click damage with the disable that also deals some slight damage over time.

What lane should I play Huskar?

Huskar is quite versatile as he can work in any of the three lanes, given the right situation. You could pick him as your main carry and put him in the safe lane, but he can also work well as a “spoiler” semi-carry in the long lane.

Is Huskar a good hero?

Overall, huskar is a really strong hero. He got very good ally picks like dazzle, oracle but also have strong counters like AA. Huskar has highest win rate at the moment in 5k+ games but very less pick rate.

What is the best starting item for Huskar Dota 2?

Dota 2 Huskar starting item mid-lane Early game items are Bracers, Boots of choice, a Magic wand and rushing straight for Armlet of Mordiggian. This item was made for Huskar. In fact it’s so good on him he even has a cosmetic set based on the item.

Why is Huskar so good in Lol?

He is known to be a powerful adversary in most games because his damage-per-second attacks can easily kill almost all heroes at any point in the game, assuming no one is nearby to save them. Unlike many other heroes, Huskar does not require much mana to use his abilities; rather, he sacrifices his own health to inflict additional damage.

Why do people build 2 bracers on Huskar?

Berserker’s Blood is Huskar’s signature skill, It’s what makes Huskar who he is. It provides massive amount of health regeneration and attack speed which helps you stay in lane, last hit and deny efficiently and not die. The regeneration is amplified by strength, that’s one of the reasons we build 2, 3 or even 4 Bracers.

How does Ice Blast work against Huskar?

Chemical Rage negates almost all damage from Burning Spears. Ice Blast prevents Huskar from healing, regeneration, health gained from activating an Armlet of Mordiggian and will kill him when his health dips below a threshold. This makes it very dangerous for him to use his abilities.