Who bought out Mercantile Bank?

Who bought out Mercantile Bank?

Firstar Corporation
Mercantile Bancorporation

Trade name Mercantile Bank
Defunct September 20, 1999
Fate Acquired by Firstar Corporation
Successor Firstar Corporation
Headquarters St. Louis, Missouri

How many locations does Mercantile Bank of Michigan have?

Company Description: Mercantile Bank Corporation is the holding company for Mercantile Bank of Michigan (formerly Mercantile Bank of West Michigan), which boasts assets of nearly $3 billion and operates more than 50 branches in central and western Michigan around Grand Rapids, Holland, and Lansing.

Is there a Mercantile Bank of Michigan?

Home – Mercantile Bank of Michigan.

Does Mercantile use Zelle?

It’s easy — Zelle® is already available within your Mercantile online banking and your UCB Banks Mobile App! Check our app or sign-in online and follow a few simple steps to enroll with Zelle today. To get started in the UCB Banks Mobile App, choose the Transfer & Pay menu, and then select “Send Money with Zelle®”.

How many branches does Mercantile Bank have?


SL. Division Address
1 Barisal 141, Sadar Road, Barishal-8200.
2 Barisal Holding No. – 151 – 152, Ward No. – 06 (Old – 02), Sadar Road, Natun Bazar, Patuakhali Sadar, Patukhali.
3 Barisal Karnaphuli Complex, Holding no. 3373, Sadar Road, Ward no. 06, PO & PS: Bhola, Thana: Bhola Sadar, Dist-Bhola.

How big is Mercantile Bank of Michigan?

Mercantile provides banking services to businesses, individuals and governmental units, and differentiates itself on the basis of service quality and the expertise of its banking staff. Mercantile has assets of approximately $5.2 billion and operates 44 banking offices.

What is the routing number for Mercantile Bank of Michigan?

Mercantile Bank. Your account type – typically checking or savings. Your account number. Your bank’s routing number (071108407)

Does Mercantile Bank still exist?

Capitec Bank Limited (Capitec Bank) acquired Mercantile Bank Holdings Limited (Mercantile) on 7 November 2019. Mercantile is now part of Capitec, an exciting opportunity for the company to expand and diversify.

When did Mercantile Bank Become US bank?

In 1999, Mercantile Bank was acquired by FIRSTAR. After Firstar merged with U.S. Bancorp, the banks became known as U.S. Bank, the name the bank carried in 2009.

Does Mercantile Bank have immediate payment?

You can receive immediate payments from Financial institutions that have the functionality to do Straight Through payments via the ‘Swift system’.

How much does capitec pay Mercantile Bank?

The sale was finalised and Capitec paid R3. 56 billion for Mercantile. and 7 November was the first official day that Mercantile became part of Capitec, the bank said.