Who are one of the best defenders in soccer?

Who are one of the best defenders in soccer?

1Top 10 best defenders in the world

S.no Player name Team
1 Virgil Van Dijk Liverpool/ Nederlands
2 Sergio Ramos PSG/ Spain
3 Gerard Pique FC Barcelona/ Spain
4 Thiago Silva Chelsea/ Brazil

Who is the best defender in soccer 2021?

Virgil van Dijk, who is one of the best football defenders at 2021, has won 2 Scottish Premiership and 1 Scottish League Cup with Celtic, and 1 Premier League title, 1 Champions League, 1 UEFA Super Cup, and 1 Club World Cup with Liverpool.

Is Van Dijk the best defender ever?

Virgil van Dijk currently holds the title of the best defender in the world and he’s recently spoke about it. Since signing Virgil van Dijk for £75million from Southampton, Liverpool have went from a defensive disaster to the best defence in the world.

Who is Liverpool’s best defender ever?

Virgil Van Dijk
Insane Stat Proves Why Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk Is The Best Defender In Recent History. After Liverpool ran out 4-0 winners on Saturday evening against Arsenal at Anfield, people are talking about an insane stat that proves just how good Virgil van Dijk is.

Who are some of the best defenders in the world?

A great modern-day example of a well-built defender is Virgil Van Dijk, the captain of the Netherlands Soccer Team. Whilst he is gifted in the height department, the reason he makes most of his defending look so flawless is due to his strength.

How to be a good defender in soccer?

A defender must primarily be in good communication with the goalie and fellow defenders to keep opposing players within reach, as well as holding a strong line that can catch players offside. The defender also must be looking forwards as well to his midfielders. As soon as he receives the ball, he should be looking forwards, not backwards.

Do defenders really make or break games?

Sure, attackers win games, but defenders make or break games. No one likes to talk about the goals saved by the defensive line, it’s always ‘goal scorer this’ or ‘amazing assists that’ and never ‘wow, great block’ or ‘bloody amazing game savers.’

Who are the most underappreciated center defenders in football?

Virgil van Dijk is another underappreciated center defender. He’s like a brick wall in the back line but also surprisingly speedy. Van Dijk holds down the fort and is an almost impenetrable force, both in the air and on the ground. Van Dijk also records an 89-percent passing completion.