Which Young Talent Time star died?

Which Young Talent Time star died?

Juanita Coco
Juanita Suzanne Coco (10 December 1975 – 2 May 1993) was an Australian child singer and variety performer who was a regular on the talent and variety television show, Young Talent Time….

Juanita Coco
Associated acts Members of Young Talent Time, Milk

What happened to Bevan from Young Talent Time?

Staying with the show for five years, Bevan became one on the best loved cast members on the show. Post YTT, Bevan didn’t hang up the microphone, and he still performs corporate gigs and on the cruise ship circuit.

Where is Sally Boyden now?

As an adult Sally Boyden relocated to London and worked as a songwriter for EMI, providing songs for Leo Sayer, David Cassidy and Shakin’ Stevens.

How old was Juanita Coco when she died?

17 years (1975–1993)Juanita Coco / Age at death

When did Dannii Minogue leave YTT?

Danielle Minogue, now known as Dannii, joined the Young Talent Team in 1982 after first appearing as a talent contestant in 1979 on her 8th birthday, and remained one of the show’s most popular team members. She stayed with the show until 1988.

What happened to Courtney from YTT?

There is no information on Courtney migrating to any other country. So, she might be in her own country, Australia. After Neighbours, Courtney has not made her appearance on Television. She has grounded herself because of which, Neither her personal life nor professional life are discovered.

Is Debra Byrne married?

Debra Byrne
Occupation actress singer producer variety entertainer writer choreographer
Years active 1969-present
Spouse(s) David Dudley (m. 1977 – d. 1980) Neil Melville (m. 1989 – d. 1997)
Children 3 (including Lucille Le Meledo)

When did Young Talent Time start and end?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Young Talent Time was an Australian television variety program produced by Lewis-Young Productions and screened on Network Ten. The original series ran from 1971 until 1988 and was hosted by singer-songwriter and record producer Johnny Young for its entire run.

What happened to the 2012 Young Talent revival?

Hosted by former Australian Idol 2003 contestant Rob Mills, the 2012 revival featured a regular Young Talent Team (of 10 members) performing a couple of group numbers each week, with one team member featuring in a solo spot each episode to showcase their individual talents.

Is there a colour version of Young Talent Time?

In the Christmas break between the first and second seasons of Young Talent Time, Johnny Young and the Young Talent Team shot a 22-minute colour film. (At the time, Young Talent Time still screened in black and white on Australian television.)

Who are the final six members of Young Talent Time?

It featured the final six members of the cast (Jamie Churchill, Johnnie Nuich, Joey Dee, Courtney Compagnino, Juanita Coco, and Rikki Arnot) and former cast member Beven Addinsall. Network Ten and Granada Australia – in conjunction with Johnny Young and Johnny Young Music – were the producers of a revival of Young Talent Time.