Which tribe is Bajun?

Which tribe is Bajun?

The Bajun are a Bantu community found in Lamu county, along the Kenyan coast. They speak Kitikuu, a dialect of the Swahili language. Due to their closeness to the Indian Ocean, their way of life is centered around the sea, and they are known to be good at diving and snorkeling.

Are Bajuni people Somali?

The Bajuni people are an Bantu ethnic group mainly residing on the Bajuni Islands and surrounding coastal areas between the port city of Kismayo and Mombasa area of Kenya and Somalia’s southern border….Bajuni people.

Somalia 10,000 (1970s estimate)
Kibajuni, Swahili

Where did Bajuni come from?

The Bajuni can trace their origins in Kismayo back to the thirteenth century. Some Bajuni moved to the remote islands and south along the coast towards the border with Kenya when the main Somali clans moved into the Kismayo area in the nineteenth century, although some remained in the Majengo district of Kismayo.

Are Bajuni Swahili?

Bajuni (Kibajuni), also known as Tikulu (Tikuu), is a variety of Swahili spoken by the Bajuni people who inhabit the tiny Bajuni Islands and coastal Kenya, in addition to parts of southern Somalia, where they constitute a minority ethnic group.

Is Bajan a language?

Bajan or Barbadian Creole – English-based creole language with African and British influences spoken on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Around 1,000 people use English as their main language and 286,000 use Bajan as their main language.

Where is the Swahili tribe located?

They are a Black Africa ethnic and cultural group inhabiting East Africa. Members primarily reside on the Swahili coast, in an area encompassing the Zanzibar archipelago, littoral Kenya, the Tanzania seaboard, and northern Mozambique. The name Swahili is derived from Sawāhil, lit. ‘coasts’.

What tribes are in Kenya?

Top 7 tribes in Kenya: Meet the locals

  • Kikuyu. Of all the tribes in Kenya, Kikuyu is the most populous one, having its own set of cultures and traditions.
  • Luhya. The Luhyas are the second largest among the tribes in Kenya that form 14% of the Kenyan population.
  • Kisii.
  • Mijikenda.
  • Maasai.
  • Luo.
  • Kalejin.

Where is Kibajuni spoken?

Kibajuni (also referred to as Bajuni) is a dialect of Swahili, and the language spoken by the Bajuni people. They are an ethnic minority group in East Africa, who principally inhabit the Bajuni Islands and parts of Kenya and Somalia.

Is Bajan a Creole?

Bajan /ˈbeɪdʒən/, or Bajan Dialect, is an English-based creole language with African and British influences spoken on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Is Swahili Arabic?

Swahili has been greatly influenced by Arabic; there are an enormous number of Arabic loanwords in the language, including the word swahili, from Arabic sawāḥilī (a plural adjectival form of an Arabic word meaning “of the coast”).

Who were the Bajuni people?

Not only did Arab traders intermarry with the African population, but they also brought their Muslim religion to the Bajuni people. These island people were mostly sailors, fishermen or farmers.

What is the best written source on the Bajuni culture?

Documentation on the Bajuni, their language, their culture, is poor. The best documentation is in the mind of elderly Bajunis but as they die out, the chance of documenting their knowledge recedes. General. The best single written source on Bajunis culture is Grottanelli (1955a).

What language do the Bajuni speak?

A prominent member of the Somali Canadian community in Toronto notes that the Bajuni may speak either Somali or some form of Swahili.

Who were the Bajunis in touch with?

This linguistic sketch suggests that Bajunis might have been in touch with Boni, Jabarti or their offspring, Southern Somali, or Benadiri. If we could identify the community/communities who were in touch with early Bajunis, it would enlarge our knowledge of early Bajuni history. That identification is easier said than done.