Which players use Voltric Z Force 2?

Which players use Voltric Z Force 2?

Used by professional players including LEE Chong Wei, LIN Dan, KIDAMBI Srikanth, PRANNOY H. S., JONATAN Christie, Anthony Sinisuka GINTING, PUSARLA V. Sindhu, Michelle LI! With the thinnest shaft ever and improved TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM, this racket will blast all your competition away.

How heavy is Voltric Z Force 2?

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Yonex Voltric Z Force II Specifications
Frame Material: H.M. Graphite, Sound Filter, NANOMETRIC, Tungsten
Flex: Extra Stiff
Weight: 83g +/- 2 (4U-G5)
Length: 675mm

Which racquet does Lee Chong use?

Lee Chong Wei On Twitter

Racquet ASTROX 99
Strings BG66F

Is Voltric Z Force 2 Head heavy?

The Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 is a hard-hitting racket that is tailored for advanced players. It has a heavy-head that provides it with great power, especially when it comes to smashes.

Is Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 GOOD?

As one of Yonex’s premium rackets, its ratings are exceptional. A 9/10 in power and a 6/10 in speed gives it a recommendation for singles players and mens mixed doubles players. The thin and stiff shaft also gives this racket a great feel. The Voltric Z Force II has been a favorite for some time.

Is Voltric Z Force 2 good for beginners?

Yonex Voltix Glanz can be a good alternative for you at beginners or intermediate levels. With a 4U G4,5,6 weight grip size and an ergonomic and sporty design, this racket is ideal for a combination playing style either defensive or offensive.

Is the Voltric Z Force 2 stiff?

Voltric Z Force II has an extra-stiff flex with a unique aerodynamic frame that cuts air resistance and gives great power to your shots. If you have mastered the skills of the game, choose Voltric Z Force II to unleash great power.

Which string is best for Voltric Z Force 2?

Voltric is Strong Sounding

Brand Yonex
Shaft Construction H.M. Graphite, EX-HMG, NANOMETRIC
Original Racket Strings & Tension Yonex BG65ti at 20lbs
Recommended Strings & Tension Yonex BG80 Power
String Tension Range 20-28lbs

Which shuttle bat is best?

10 Best Badminton Racquets in India (March 2022) – Buyer’s Guide

  • Best Overall – Apacs Z-Ziggler Graphite Unstrung Badminton Racquet.
  • Best Budget – Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet.
  • Best Lightweight – Li-Ning G-Force Superlight 3600 Carbon-fibre Badminton Racquet.

Why choose Yonex voltric Z Force 2 badminton racket?

Yonex Voltric Z force 2 have a minimal design that is uncommon with most badminton rackets on the market, the colors are simple and not flashy, the racket is mostly black with some blue dots, this timeless design makes the racket a great choice for many players including casual player that love to own a racket for a long time.

What is voltric Z-Force 2 LCW (vtzf2lcw-3ug4)?

The new Voltric Z-Force 2 LCW (VTZF2LCW-3UG4) is a special limited edition racket designed for #1 BWF ranking singles player, Lee Chong Wei. This racket is based on Yonex latest improvement on the best-selling racket, Voltric Z-Force.

What is the best badminton racket for Lee Chong Wei?

Yonex Voltric Force Lee Chong Wei Exclusive (VTF-LCW-4UG4) Dark Pink badminton racket is a lower price designed racket based on the Voltric Z-Force 2 (VTZF2). It uses the TRI-Bumper grommets to help increase the durability of the frame and make stringing easier.

What is the maximum string tension for Yonex voltric Z Force 2?

The maximum tension for Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 is 28 lbs. What is the recommended string tension for Yonex Voltric z force 2? The recommended string tension for the Yonex Voltric Z Force two is between 20 to 28lbs depending on the version of the racket.