Which part of India is Kolhapur?

Which part of India is Kolhapur?

Maharashtra state
Kolhapur, city, southwestern Maharashtra state, western India. It is situated on the eastern side of the Western Ghats on the Pancaganga River.

Where is Kolhapur?

Kolhapur is an inland city located in south-west Maharashtra state, 373 km (232 mi) south of Mumbai and 228 km (142 mi) south of Pune, 615 km (382 mi) north-west of Bengaluru and 530 km (330 mi) west of Hyderabad.

Is Kolhapur safe?

Crime rates in Kolhapur, India

Level of crime 18.75 Very Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 29.55 Low
Worries home broken and things stolen 20.45 Low
Worries being mugged or robbed 23.75 Low
Worries car stolen 11.90 Very Low

Which zone is Kolhapur in?

The city of Kolhapur is its district headquarter. It is situated near Panchaganga river. It is bordered by the Sangli district to the North, by Ratnagiri district, Sindhudurg to the West and by Karnataka state to the East….

Kolhapur district
• Urban 32%
• Literacy 82%
Time zone UTC+05:30 (IST)

Is Kolhapur big city?

Mumbai is the biggest and capital city of Maharashtra, having a population of over 20 million….List of Largest Cities in Maharashtra.

City Name Kolhapur
Population 561,837
Area (km²) 67
Density ( inhabitants/km²) 8,356
District Kolhapur

Which is nearest beach from Kolhapur?

41 Beautiful Beaches Near Kolhapur

  • 1/41. Malvan. 84 kilometres from Kolhapur.
  • 2/41. Tarkarli. 84 kilometres from Kolhapur.
  • 3/41. Ratnagiri. 110 kilometres from Kolhapur.
  • 4/41. Ganapatipule. 124 kilometres from Kolhapur.
  • 5/41. Goa. 125 kilometres from Kolhapur.
  • 6/41. Chiplun. 141 kilometres from Kolhapur.
  • 7/41. Hedvi.
  • 8/41. Karwar.

Is Kolhapur a metro city?

The total population of Kolhapur UA/Metropolitan region is 561,837….Kolhapur Population 2011 Table.

Urban Agglomeration Kolhapur
Government Urban Agglomeration
UA Type Class I UAs/Towns
State Maharashtra

Why people visit Kolhapur after Tirupati?

People visit Kolhapur to pray Goddess Ambabai (Mahalaxmi) for a peaceful & healthy life. It is considered that the darshan of Shri. Balaji of Tirumala is incomplete without visiting goddess Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur.

Is Kolhapur urban or rural?

The district has an total area of 7,685 sq km., 340 sq km is urban and 7345 sq km is rural. Out of total population of Kolhapur, 4,302,362 in the district, 1,230,009 are in urban area and 2,645,992 are in rural area.

Where is Kolhapur located?

Located on the banks of River Panchganga, Kolhapur is situated at a distance of 395 km to the South of Mumbai and 240 km from Pune. The district is located on the Pune – Bangalore National Highway No. 4.

How far is Kolhapur from Pune?

Kolhapur is located in the state of Maharashtra at a distance of 220 km from Pune. It is easily accessible and has some great places to see like the Mahalaxmi temple and the Rankala lake.

Why is Kolhapur called City of palaces and gardens?

Rich in milk and culture, Kolhapur is rightly called city of palaces and gardens. The headquarters of Kolhapur district is located in Kolhapur city. Located on the banks of River Panchganga, Kolhapur is situated at a distance of 395 km to the South of Mumbai and 240 km from Pune.

What is the main industry in Kolhapur?

Kolhapur comprises two major industrial areas, Gokulshirgaon and Shiroli which mainly produce aluminum castings, alloys, and bearings. Kolhapur is a major Indian district that exports milk and milk-products. Jaggery production and Kolhapur chappals have made the district famous world-wide.