Which marble is best for flooring?

Which marble is best for flooring?

Indian marble is quarried extensively in north India, is a cost-effective choice and available in a wide variety of colours and textures. Indian marble has medium lustre and is a relatively harder stone. In terms of sustainability, it is the best marble for flooring in India.

Is marble flooring a good idea?

This type of flooring comes in various grades, colors, hardnesses and finishes, making it a versatile and practical choice for many different types of decor. Marble is suitable for use in high-traffic and wet environments, and with proper care and routine polishing and maintenance, it can last a lifetime or more.

How much are real marble tiles?

Marble tiles typically cost $5 to $10 per square foot, while marble slabs for flooring can cost $10 to $20 per square foot. Marble slabs are typically thicker and heavier than tiles, making them more expensive.

Is marble stone good for flooring?

Marble is great for interior flooring. It’s best to get a honed finish both for easier maintenance and better traction. Polished marble will wear with foot traffic removing the polished layer.

What is better tiles or marble?

Marble is very durable. It is used in high traffic areas. It has a smooth and glazed finish which gives luminous shine. It is scratch-resistant and fire-resistant….4. Characteristics of Marble.

Marble Floor Tile
Marble is difficult to clean and maintain Tile is easier to clean and maintain

Which Colour marble is best?


  • ARMANI BRONZE MARBLE. Now we are coming to Armani Bronze it comes in a tone of Brown light and dark.

What are the disadvantages of marble flooring?

The Disadvantages of Using Marble Flooring For Your House

  • It’s Difficult to Replace.
  • It’s Porous.
  • It Can Be Easily Damaged.
  • It Might Be Slippery.
  • It Can Be Relatively Expensive.
  • It’s Not Easy to DIY Marble Installation.
  • It Can Be High Maintenance.

Do marble floors scratch easily?

Easily Scratch-able: Marble floor tiles are easily damaged if not properly maintained. They can be damaged from scratches. Even scraping and chipping can ruin the surface very badly. These damages are more noticeable if polished is applied.

Is marble flooring expensive than tiles?

Marble is more expensive than tiles. This is because tiles are man-made while marble is a natural stone which has to be mined and extracted using costly procedures. Moreover, only high-quality marble looks good in appearance which comes at an exorbitant price.

Which is better for flooring tiles or marble or granite?

Softer than ceramic or granite, marble is best applied in areas that don’t receive extremely high traffic. But as long as a high quality sealer is applied and specialty cleaner is used, marble tiles can offer long-lasting beauty and durability.

Which is better granite or marble?

In general, granite is very durable, stain-resistant and lower maintenance than marble. Granite should be sealed after installation, and if done properly, water will bead on the surface. Resealing should be completed every year to ensure a solid and efficient surface.

What is the price of tile installation at Home Depot?

The total cost of your tile project will depend on the size of your space and product you select, but, on average, tile customers spend $2,600, including all labor and materials. To learn more about the cost of having tile installed, visit our tile installation cost guide.

Which is the best marble or tile for flooring?

– Some marbles prefer cool neutrals (gray with undertones) or cool colours (blue/green/purple) – Marble can accommodate a variety of depths, from white and off-white up to a medium depth. Anything darker can compete with the marble and become overpowering – There are very few beige or warm paint colours that look great with marble

What is the most durable tile flooring?


  • Porcelain (glazed and full-body) and
  • Ceramic (glazed and unglazed).
  • Which is better marble or granite for flooring?

    Granite: In a case if you have sufficient budget,you can look for antiskid granite also.

  • Marble: You need to lay the Marbles then polishing process will start.
  • Vitrified Tiles:
  • Environmental factors: If you are in Bangalore then you can opt for Granite because of cold weather nature.