Which kind of adjective The IS?

Which kind of adjective The IS?

5. Possessive adjectives. Possessive adjectives are often used to express possession or ownership. The most commonly used possessive adjectives are my, your, its, her, his, our, their, and whose.

Is a noun or adjectives?

Sometimes we use a noun to describe another noun. In that case, the first noun “acts as” an adjective….Can we have more than one “noun as adjective”?

noun as adjective noun as adjective noun
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Can an adjective be a noun?

‘The rich’, ‘the famous’, ‘the poor’, and ‘the elderly’ are adjectives used as nouns. These expressions mean people considered together as a group. For example, the rich means people who are rich. As you can see, these nouns are always plural and used with the definite article.

How do you find adjectives?

Look for a word before a noun that describes the noun. When reading a sentence, find the noun first. The nouns is the person, place or thing that is the subject of the sentence. Then, check to see if there is a descriptive word right before the noun. If there is, then it may be an adjective.

What are adjectives 10 examples?

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  • What are some words that are adjectives?

    demonstrative adjectives ( this,that,these,those ),also called demonstrative determiners

  • interrogative adjectives ( what,which,whose ),also called interrogative determiners
  • possessive determiners ( my,his,your,our ),also called possessive adjectives)
  • distributive determiners ( each,every,either ),also called distributive adjectives
  • What are some examples of adjectives and their meanings?

    – My brother is sad. – It looks messy in the living room. – Walking is slower than skating. – My dog is excited.

    What are some nice adjectives?

    Easy-going: Relaxed and happy to accept things without worrying.

  • Eloquent: Able to use language and express your opinions well,especially when you are speaking in public.
  • Ebullient: Full of confidence,energy and good humor.
  • Educated: Having a high standard of education; knowledgable or intelligent.