Which High Court has jurisdiction over Kempton Park?

Which High Court has jurisdiction over Kempton Park?

The Gauteng Division of the High Court of South Africa is a superior court of law which has general jurisdiction over the South African province of Gauteng and the eastern part of North West province.

Which court has jurisdiction in civil cases?

The Small Claims Court has jurisdiction to hear any civil matter involving a maximum value of R15,000. The District Court of the Magistrates Court may hear civil and criminal matters, to the value of R200,000 and impose criminal fines up to the value of R120,000.

What is the jurisdiction of the magistrates court?

The civil jurisdiction of the magistrates court covers family and related cases, licensing, some debt collection and a variety of orders largely in relation to children.

What is the maximum civil jurisdiction of the Johannesburg High Court?

400,000 rand
The High Court has jurisdiction over all matters, but it usually only hears civil matters involving more than 400,000 rand, and serious criminal cases. It also hears any appeals or reviews from magistrates’ courts and other lower courts.

Which High Court has jurisdiction over Brits?

North West Division of the High Court of South Africa.

Does Pretoria High Court have concurrent jurisdiction?

The Gauteng Local Division, Johannesburg has concurrent Jurisdiction with the Gauteng Division, Pretoria over the entire Gauteng province. The court building has 42 courtrooms, of which 18 are criminal courtrooms.

How is court jurisdiction determined?

Jurisdiction is determined mainly on the grounds of:

  1. Fiscal value;
  2. Geographical boundaries of a court;
  3. The subject matter of court.

What is jurisdiction of courts?

Jurisdiction of courts. 1. Introduction: Jurisdiction means and includes any authority conferred by the law upon the court, tribunal or judge to decide or adjudicate any dispute between the parties or pass judgment or order.

Which High Court has jurisdiction over Rustenburg?

the North West High Court
In 2001 the magisterial districts of Vryburg, Lichtenburg, Coligny, Zeerust, Groot Marico, Swartruggens, Koster, Rustenburg and Delareyville were added to its jurisdiction. It was known as the Bophuthatswana Division until 2009, when it was renamed the North West High Court by the Renaming of High Courts Act.