Which companion should I get Warband?

Which companion should I get Warband?

Mount & Blade: Warband – The 10 Best Companions

  • 10 Lezalit.
  • 9 Baheshtur.
  • 8 Artimenner.
  • 7 Firentis.
  • 6 Jeremus.
  • 5 Alayen.
  • 4 Matheld.
  • 3 Bunduk.

Can you marry companions mount and blade?

No, you cannot. The mods that let you marry companions (even ennobled ones) as a male are open source, and thus cannot be part of a paid DLC like Viking Conquest. You may be able to marry a female companion as a female, but that’s about it.

How do you get the companions Pendor?

Companions are found in Taverns throughout Pendor. Their locations are random and they will change from time to time so it is important to check back at taverns regularly.

What is Artimenner good at?

Artimenner is an engineer from Geroia who came to Calradia to offer his services to seek wealth. He specializes in fortifications, either in fixing or breaking castle walls.

Can you marry Arwa?

It is possible to marry female claimants (either Lady Isolla of Suno or Arwa the Pearled One).

Can you have multiple wives in Warband?

You can court several ladies at the same time, and make your decision later on. You can also court a lady of a faction where you are not a vassal, although it may be difficult to visit her in times of war. About 5 days after your last visit, you will receive a letter from her asking you to pay a visit.

How many companions are in Pendor?

So, in Prophecy of Pendor, there are four companions groups. Choose two groups, one from the As and one from the Bs, and those companions will NOT conflict. This will give you 10 companions, whom you will be able to level without trouble. Now, there are ways of handling the rest of the companions.

Is there a guide on companions in AcOK 3?

DeCoder68W’s guide on companions in ACOK 3.0 may be for an older version, but it still contains relevant information regarding the companions in the mod. Also keep in mind that you do not need to recruit all of the companions.

What are the best companions to start a kingdom with?

Brynden Storm will be your doctor (has high surgery), Maron makes a good trader (you can also level up his persuasion and use him to recruit lords to your cause if you start a kingdom), Alyn makes a good knight and you can use one of the other companions as a kingdom manager. Like in version 3.0, troops vary in quality.

How do you use your companions?

The companions you recruit through the various means (mostly taverns), are essentially the most powerful NPC’s in the game, if used properly. Using them properly involves managing their skills, attributes, gear, and tactics to ensure there is nothing going to waste. I will go into this under each companion’s individual section, in more detail.

How do I get my companions to be in the tavern?

You can, however, select the “Gather Companions” option in character creation to have most companions be in the starting tavern for the first few days. A nice chart done by Sergio_Morozov (version 2.1)