Which Bollywood actor has a tattoo?

Which Bollywood actor has a tattoo?

Hrithik Roshan In 2009, the actor got Khan’s name tattooed on his left wrist as a birthday surprise, and to reciprocate, Khan got a pair of angel wings on her arm with Roshan’s name.

Does Katrina Kaif have tattoo?

Katrina Kaif is the latest tattoo queen of Bollywood. The actress has got two tattoos inked, one on her chest and another on the arm. Katrina Kaif is the latest beauty to join Bollywood’s tattoo brigade. The actress has got two tattoos inked, one on her chest and another on the arm.

Does Hrithik have tattoos?

Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Sussanne Khan inked each other’s name on wrists. After their, separation, Sussanne changed and added a few more things so that it looks different. However, Hrithik has kept both his tattoos — the star and her name inked on the underside of his wrist.

Does Varun Dhawan have any tattoos?

Varun has a tribal tattoo inked on his left shoulder, which he has copied from his idol and Hollywood Superstar, Dwayne Johnson. This tattoo signifies the ancient Samoan tribe to which Dwayne Johnson belongs.

Which Indian actresses have tattoos?

Here are 15 celebs who decided to get inked and we can’t help but fall in love with their tattoos.

  • 1) Priyanka Chopra. Source.
  • 2) Alia Bhatt. Source.
  • 3) Ranbir Kapoor. Source.
  • 4) Deepika Padukone. Source.
  • 5) Akshay Kumar. Source.
  • 6) Ajay Devgn. Source.
  • 7) Kangana Ranaut. Source.
  • 8) Sushmita Sen. Source.

Does Akshay Kumar have tattoos?

Akshay Kumar has at least three tattoos. His kids’ name Aarav and Nitara on his back and Tina. Akshay Kumar has at least three tattoos. His kids’ name Aarav and Nitara onhis back and Tina (inspired from his wife Twinkle Khann’s name).

Does Saif Ali Khan has tattoo?

Saif, spotted in navy blue tee and denim, was seen with his tattoo that he inked on his forearm more than a decade ago, was seen getting into his car in midst of a huge crowd. The actor was seen wearing a face mask and even waved at the paparazzi who were clicking his pictures.

Is Deepika removed her tattoo?

Deepika Padukone’s much-talked-about tattoo that she painted at the back of her neck while she was in a relationship with Bollywood’s heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor has finally been erased.

Which Bollywood actor got a tattoo around their left ankle?

Another Bollywood actor to get a tattoo around their left ankle is Sonakshi Sinha, who got herself inked in Budapest while shooting for Force 2 (2016). Sinha was inspired to get the tattoo, which looks similar to a chandelier, while doodling on her foot. The actor liked the design so much, she decided to make it permanent.

Which Bollywood celebrities have their names inked on their wrist?

Hrithik Roshan: The Bollywood hunk got his wife’s name inked on his wrist. He and his wife also have got identical star tattoos on their wrist too. 8. Shruti Hassan: The upcoming actress has her name “Shruti” written in the tamil scrip on her upper back. 9.

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What does Aamir Khan’s star tattoo say about Shraddha Roshan?

While Roshan hasn’t altered his tattoo since the divorce, Khan has added a quote alongside her star tattoo: “Follow your sunshine”. The first time fans got a glimpse of Varun Dhawan ‘s tattoo was during promotions of the actor’s latest film, Kalank.