Which area of Bristol has the highest crime rate?

Which area of Bristol has the highest crime rate?

Within Bristol, the highest level of reported ASB incidents was in Central ward which accounted for 15% (2,048) of all incidents.

Is crime high in Bristol?

The red and green lines show how far the crime rate would normally vary from the average. Bristol lies between the red and green lines, so its crime rate is normal for the group….About this chart.

Area Crime rate
Bristol 105.00
Derby 110.19
Northampton 110.97
Portsmouth 113.91

Is Bristol safer than London?

Birmingham was followed by Leicester, Manchester, London and Sheffield as the most dangerous cities, according to the research. Bristol came second as the safest UK city, followed by Brighton and Hove, Southampton and Cambridge as the top five.

Where has the lowest crime rate in England?

North Yorkshire t
The lowest crime rate in England was in the relatively rural area of North Yorkshire t with a crime rate of 47,5.

Is Bristol dodgy?

Bristol is the most dangerous major city in Bristol, and is the most dangerous overall out of Bristol’s 1 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Bristol in 2021 was 91 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Hartcliffe Bristol rough?

The Government last month ranked a patch of Hartcliffe as the most deprived neighbourhood in Bristol. It was found to be the 91st most deprived of almost 33,000 small areas across the country.

Is Bristol safe to live?

In recent years, Bristol has been named one of the best cities in the UK as well as one of the safest and happiest places to live. The city offers stunning period homes with Victorian and Georgian properties galore, an impressive amount of green space and amazing shopping and nightlife.

Which is the roughest city in England?

Cleveland – now dubbed the ‘crime capital’ of England and Wales – was thrust under the spotlight in May 2020 when dad James Stokoe was stabbed by a stranger while sat in his car in front of his four-year-old son in Thornaby-on-Tees.

Where should I not live in Bristol?

According to recent figures from the Home Office’s police.uk website, the top 5 worst areas for violent crime in Bristol are Hartcliffe and Withywood, Old City Docks, Staplehill and New Cheltenham, Stokes Croft and St Michaels and Trinity.

Is St Pauls Bristol still rough?

St Pauls is home to one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Bristol at the same time as being among the most sought-after areas for property buyers in city, with house prices increasing by up to 200 per cent in the last 20 years.

Is Knowle in Bristol rough?

Knowle West in south Bristol is one of our city’s poorest areas. In a 2018 government analysis, the area was ranked as the 7th most deprived area in Bristol, and ranked as the 340th most deprived area in England, out of 32,844 areas.

What are the rough parts of Bristol?

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  • Union Street, Broadmead – 386 offences.
  • Penn Street, Broadmead – 376 offences.
  • Farr’s Lane, Harbourside – 375 offences.
  • Stokes Croft – 250 offences.
  • Silver Street, Broadmead – 236 offences.
  • The Groves, Hartcliffe – 234 offences.
  • Park Street Avenue, City Centre – 196 offences.