Where to farm Timber wow?

Where to farm Timber wow?

I found a fantastic place to farm this Timber at the Broken Horn Village just east of the Blackrock Foundry in Gorgrond. Fast respawns, and lots of them. No flight path at the site though. I was level 99 when I found this place even though the area level is 90-93.

How do I get a Level 3 lumber mill?

Lumber Mill To unlock the level 3 blueprints for the Lumber Mill, you’ll need to complete Upgrading the Mill — an achievement that requires you to place 75 work orders at the Lumber Mill, as well as complete two unique quest chains.

Where to find Timber draenor?

For Horde players, the tree is located at 45.2, 49.2 to the north of Stonefang Outpost. This quest rewards 100 as well as the ability to chop Timber. At level 3, you are given a quest to chop down Large Timber, Tree-i-cide.

Where do I buy Garrison blueprints?

Note that when we say that a Level 3 blueprint is a reward from an achievement, it most often means that earning the achievement allows you to buy the blueprint from the blueprint vendor next to the Architect table in your Garrison.

How do I get salvage yard blueprints?

You can obtain the quest to get this blueprint in two ways, starting at level 96:

  1. From your garrison: Pinchwhistle Gearworks.
  2. From the Pinchwhistle Gearworks in Spires of Arak: Pinchwhistle Gearworks.

How do you get a level 2 garrison?

Garrison Levels

  1. You can upgrade your Garrison to Level 2 on completion of the questlines culminating Bigger is Better/ Bigger is Better. Visit Quick Facts on those quest pages for a list of related quests.
  2. Leveling your Garrison to level 3 requires you to be level 40 and costs 5,000 and 2000.

What do I do with Outpost Building Assembly notes?

These are used to purchase plans for your garrison.