Where is the treasure map 1 in Skyrim?

Where is the treasure map 1 in Skyrim?

Skyrim Treasure Map 1 Location The Riverwood treasure map can be found at a bandit camp southwest of the Guardian Stone near Riverwood on a hilly incline. Between the bucolic swaying trees, there will be an inset bandit camp, start to walk up and approach the camp.

Where is the treasure from treasure map IV in Skyrim?

The treasure chest is under some bushes at the top of a rise on this path, not far above the snowline. A horse at full gallop takes approximately 50 seconds to get from the windmill to the treasure.

Where is the biggest treasure in Skyrim?

Head to Gyldenhul Barrow in the North East of Solstheim. 9. Use the Ancient Nord Pickaxe to mine the Stahlrim in the room. One of the pieces of rock will give way to a hidden treasure room.

Where is Treasure Map VII?

Treasure VII (7) Location: Head to Ledetchko, ride north-west, and enter the woods up the hill.

Where is the hidden treasure near Whiterun?

This treasure is slightly south of “Pelagia Farm” (which itself is slightly south of the city of Whiterun). Head there and follow the marker to a “hollowed-out rock” and inside you’ll find 2,000 Gold in there.

Where is Redoran’s retreat?

Central Skyrim
Overview. Redoran’s Retreat is a cave located in Central Skyrim. You can find it by traveling West of Whiterun. This cave is filled with Bandits.

Where can I find hidden treasure in Skyrim?

Treasure Maps of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim reveal the location of hidden treasure chests. While these appear to be simple wooden chests, they contain loot equivalent to boss chests. The maps do not have to be in the inventory in order to find the treasure, but they must have been read.

Where is Haafingar in Skyrim?

Haafingar is one of the nine Holds of Skyrim. It is located on a peninsula on the far northwest coast. It was an ancient Nordic kingdom.

Where is the treasure in Pelagia farm in Skyrim?

Treasure Location: It leads to a treasure located behind Pelagia Farm south and slightly west of Whiterun. The chest is actually southwest of the farm, but the map shows that one will need to start east.

Where can I find treasures in Riften?

Treasure Location: Hidden behind the cataract of the waterfall east of Riften. It is on the east side of the mountain next to Riften. Follow the east path out of Riften to a bridge and look right. The left bank of the stream leads up to a bandit hold, Broken Helm Hollow .