Where is Maitland-Smith furniture made?

Where is Maitland-Smith furniture made?

Cebu, Philippines
Since its founding, Maitland-Smith’s sourcing has been based in Asia, and although Paul Maitland-Smith later sold the company that still bears his name and is now headquartered in North Carolina, the brand’s furnishings are still largely made in Cebu, Philippines.

When was Maitland-Smith furniture made?

A creative force, he founded Maitland-Smith in 1979 in Hong Kong to manufacture finely carved 18th Century furniture. He quickly expanded to source a perfectly curated line of home furnishings. In 1981, he built the company’s first manufacturing operation in the Philippines.

What style is Maitland-Smith?

With formal, elegant styles, Maitland-Smith furniture often features dark, rich finishes and ornate detailing. Similar to the traditional style of Jonathan Charles, Maitland-Smith’s pieces are reminiscent of English antique replicas, including the close attention to detail and classic styling.

Is Maitland-Smith antique?

Maitland-Smith was founded in 1979 by a well-known London antique dealer and designer. The company was founded in Hong Kong to reproduce eighteenth century furniture and decorative accessories.

How long has Maitland-Smith been in business?

For 30 years Maitland-Smith has been in the business of creating exquisite and unique decorative accessories, lighting and accent furniture. Their design roots, however, go much deeper.

How old is Paul Maitland Smith?

“I am 66 now and taking things a bit easier,” Maitland-Smith said. “However, the company is still expanding on all fronts.

Where is Hancock and Moore made?

North Carolina
Nestled in the foothills of North Carolina, Hancock & Moore practices time-honored traditions of building upholstery furniture. Consisting of two manufacturing plants with close to 400 employees and 265,000 square feet, Hancock & Moore artisans spend 50 weeks a year building furniture in a family-like environment.

Who owns Hancock and Moore?

That’s where the president of Shuford Furniture, Alex Shuford III, 42, announced the acquisition of the Taylorsville-based Hancock and Moore. It’s a deal that brings commercial furniture maker Cabot Wrenn and upscale chair maker Jessica Charles into the Century family as well.

When did Hancock sell Moore?

In 2015, as the owners neared retirement, they sold the company to Rock House Farm Family of Brands and became a sister company to Century and Highland House. Today, under the leadership of Alex Shuford, III, the company continues to honor the mission upon which they were founded.

Where is Hancock & Moore Furniture made?